Artist Ayman Lotfy Joins Gallery Ward

(Dubai Exclusively to Al Mahha Art): Gallery Ward announced today that Ayman Lotfy has exclusivity joined the Gallery’s artistsLotfy is one of the most established photographers in the Middle East and North Africa, having recently been appointed Middle East Regional Ambassador to the Photographic Society in America in recognition to his extraordinary contributions and accomplishments in Fine Art Photography and Video internationally.

As the artist’s attached profile elaborates, he has received several awards for his work including Honorary Fellowship from the Image Colleague Society in America in 2013 and the Pinhole Award in Jinan International Biennial in China in 2012. His work was exhibited in many renowned events, most noted of them La Biennale di Venezia in 2010. The artist also held positions on judging panels for international photography competitions, like the world’s largest photography competition Hamdan International Photography Award 2011, Sharjah Photo Contest 2014, and UPI Exhibition in Serbia in 2015.


Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Lotfy’s practice is strongly concerned with people, human emotions, and expressions. With full realization of how hard a job it could be to capture a real photo, that is a photo reveals a real expression and one that he himself as an artist believes in to deliver to his audience, Lotfy takes the challenge, focusing his lens deeper into human souls finding the diversity of human feelings, unraveling their mysteries, and then revealing them to the audience. Lotfy has transformed his photography work into Experimental Photography.
In order to produce his masterpieces, the artist works as a director to a scene where he sets the mood with lighting, colors, music, and letting his characters free in the environments to write FMIPP – HonsFICS their own scenarios with their feelings. His ambitious journey to communicate more and more of his artistic visions extends beyond combining fine art and photography. Lotfy soon moved to adding video art and performance among his artistic tools and integrate them with his photography works.

About Gallery Ward

Originating in Cairo, Gallery Ward was founded in 2010 by two partners; Abdulaziz Al Abdulkader, Yaser Askar with the creative direction by established Egyptian curator Ehab Ellaban. Having headed the Cairo Biennale twice as well as being the director of Ofok, a prominent exhibition space at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo and the curator of landmark projects such as the Institute du Monde Arabe, 25 Years of Arab Creativity, Ellaban has had his hand on the pulse of the Egyptian art scene for the past decade.
Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Artwork by Ayman Lotfy. Courtesy of the artist.

Gallery Ward is committed to introduce, showcase and promote multifaceted and compelling artistic productions from the Middle East both regionally and internationally while ensuring a supportive environment and platform from which works of art from the region, with a focus on Egypt, can assume their due significance on the global arena. In today’s tenuous yet highly dynamic climate, Arab art is witnessing a period of unprecedented attention.
By transcending geographical limitations and political boundaries, art from the region is poised to become a key player in the discourse that activates global art production today. With this premise in mind, Gallery Ward aims to play a central role in being a driving force behind the growth and enrichment of art from the Middle East region at large. Furthermore, with the belief that Egyptian art has historically, and in the present day, been an essential agent and plays a galvanizing role in art and culture from the region, Gallery Ward aims to provide a focus on the contemporary Egyptian art scene by introducing and showcasing works by some of the most dynamic Egyptian artists living and working in Egypt and abroad today. Thereby facilitating a more complex and compelling dialogue surrounding Middle Eastern art in general.

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