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Calligraffiti by El Seed. Courtesy to artist.

Calligraffiti by El Seed. Courtesy to artist.

We believe in people who want to voice out their creative thoughts and they you don’t have to be an artist, critic or curator to write aesthetically. Send us your creative writing, Arabic or English, and we will share it here!



China Doll… Pacino’s Latest Broadway Gem

By Hani Albahrani

Watch his absolute worst, not in theatre of course, because you’re going to end up finding virtually none, but an avid moviegoer or one of zeal for life-reflecting cinematic drama, and by default, a devoted fan for the genius of Al Pacino… Continue reading here.


تصوير فوزية جمال في دبلن، ايرلندا


فليأخذني الفضول بعيدا

بقلم: فوزية جمال

التقطت عيني قطعة من الفن في كل صباح اثناء المشي في شوارع دبلن، مدينة ايرلندية يغلبها فن الشارع والغرافيتي. قطعة الفن تلك كانت في المكان ذاته وعلى المقعد نفسه، ذات الصحيفة لكن التاريخ مختلف. اضغط هنا لمتابعة القراءة



Across the Universe 

By: Joobin Bekhard – Via: Reorient

‘No, I’m not him’, I say with a smile, returning my gaze to the photograph before me while brushing a hand through a thicket of coarse curls. Though I’ve let them down, their giggles and hushed chatter linger on. Read full article here.



We are imprisoned by Israel

By: Amer Shomali

In the occupied West Bank, almost anything can come to be seen as a threat to Israel’s security. Even cows. Yes, cows. Here’s the story: During the activism of the first Palestinian intifada, residents of the West Bank town of Beit Sahour organized boycotts of Israeli goods in an act of civil disobedience intended to pressure the government. Read full article here.





By: Lafi Fahad
From ancient time, art has always been a part of Japan’s glorious history. The Japanese kept on, until recently, writing with a brush rather than a pen. And with their skilled brush techniques, they developed a great respect for painting. Read full article here.


1233494_505348842882894_1144863798_n (1) أنا البحر
بقلم: منار بشير
أنا البحر.. بأمواجه وعواصفه بهدوئه
وأعماقه بتقلباته ومزاجه
بمرافئه وموانئه
 اضغط هنا للمتابعة




Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait

By: Hani Al Bahrani

Instantly caught my attention, the name of the play landed on my ears like a “curious” cat gracefully touching down the ground … “Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait” is making its Broadway debut May 21, 2015. Read full article here.