About Al Mahha Art

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.



Living in a drastic changing region where conflicts never stop and demands of life increase, created a gap between people and culture as an essential aspect in their lives which represents beauty, genuinity and humanity. Unfortunetly,  Art has either become execlusive to a certain crowd, seized and cufed with rules or intimidating, many people miss the chance of exploring the beauty of art even if they want to.

Based in Kuwait, Al Mahha Art Blog  is the bridge between peolpe interested in art and what is going in the art scene. It is the first art critic blog from the Middle East, which reviews events and artists, go beyond the artwork ‘s composition, understand its’ message as a mean of communication between the artist and society and make it apporchable & understandable to readers from different backgrounds and ages. Here you will find latest news in Mark Your Calendar, cover art fairs and exhibitions, introduce emerging/young artists and highlight their talents, interview established artists and review their latest and more.



Al Mahha is the Arabic meaning of of Oryx, a unique species  famous for its’ beauty only lives in the Arabian Peninsula. Launched in November 2011 from one of the Gulf states, Al Mahha Art Blog presents the most unique and beautiful art from an Arabian point of view.

I wanted to launch an art blog that maintains an identity, yet is not limited in featuring art from specific region, especially that any successful masterpiece has crossed the artist’s society and borders.



We all share somehow the same political, economics & social issues; but culture gives each society a different identity & flavor.  Based on that, Al Mahha is a project dedicated to support art activities and artists, spread knowledge, create awerness and break the stereotype that “art is only for elites” to give everyone the chance to follow up with what they have been missing.


Mashaael Basheer

Al Mahha Art Magazine Founder