Ayyam Gallery Looking for GCC ‘s Kunooz!

For all ambitious artists, do not miss the oppertunity by Ayyam Gallery! After the enormous success this comeptation made, bringing out the ‘hidden gems’ of talented Arab artists, Ayyam Gallery presents it’s first Pan-GCC Shabab Ayyam New Media Competition ‘Kunooz’ (Arabic word means Treasures). As a continuation of its groundbreaking Shabab Ayyam Project, an incubator programme that…

Coming Soon: ‘Against the Wall’ by Abdulkarim Majdal Al-Beik

I first saw Abdulkarim Majdal Al Beik in a collective exhibition last July and knew he is an artist to expect from and expect BIG! Stay tuned for my review on Al Beik latest solo exhibition ‘Against the Wall’ running at Ayyam Gallery – Beirut. Cheers