A Mixture of Dance & Art

It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer. ~Shanna LaFleur


While walking around MENASART Fair; I stopped by Meriem Bouderbala’s artwork. A Tunisian/French Painter, Stage Designer, Theatre Director & a Photographer. Her work is a visual protean reflection of the body, which is the media of the work by itself.


Meriem’s “Etoffes cutanées” is a series of 5 photographs, portraying a dancer’s movements, covering her entire body and face with a light chiffon, that doesn’t block you from seeing her delicate moves & sways of a beautifully curved body.





The images reminded me of a dance choreographed by a Contemporary Dance Creator Martha Graham, called “Lamentation”. It all made me realize the beautiful outcome of emerging any kind of art – photography – with dancing; which is also a form of art. The mixture leaves you mesmerized & thoughtful.


I’ll salute you with Martha Graham “Lamentation” wishing you a nice day.


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