Beyond Movements .. Each Piece is a Masterpiece

Leaf Effect: sackcloth cocktail dress mixed with cotton


“Each person has a distinctive form of movement; an expression of their personality that makes them unique in this world” – Abdullah Al Saab

If you are a fan of fashion and art, you don’t want to miss the collaboration of designer Abdullah Al Saab & artisit Shurooq Amin in (Beyond Movements) exhibition, where you combine vision & inspiration in one piece to create a masterpiece!

Garden of Love: Jersey spantex cotton dress with taffeta sleeves
Blazing Skies: organic cotton t-shirt
Forrest Fantasy: tereco cotton jersey dress

The exhibition features 13 different outfits varies betweeen shirts, shorts, cocktail & jersey dresses. Each outfit has a magnatic effect that will attract you with it’s simplicity yet sophisticated details. You can’t pass by and not gaze at one piece & say ”I must have this!” Trust me, you will find a reflection of yourself in one or more outfit.

“The collection is not just clothes, not just fashion, not just art, because each piece is a one of its kind in the world. It is therefore beyond fashion, beyond art, beyond nature, beyond movement”.

SCI – FI Blacl: Spantex cotton dress mixed with tereco cotton

(Beyond Movements) will run from Oct 9 to 11th at FA Gallery – Kuwait.

P. S. Rumor has it that the items are selling out QUICK! Remember there are only 13 & one of each.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hani says:

    Oddly enough… I actually LOVED the outfits !!!

    1. moushie says:

      He’s a true artist, you can not hate any piece

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