Zain Life … Says What It Doesn’t Show

Gallery Tilal hosted the second solo exhibition for Kuwaiti artist Shayma’a Ashkanani (Zain Life) showcasing over 30 paintings of what the artist describes “a reflection of psychological situations & the reaction with one’s previous experiences that are saved in his/her subconscious & conscious”.







Al Maha on Shayma’a Ashknani Artworks


I had a different perspective on what I was going to see, because I thought she was portraying a woman; her movements, thoughts, feelings, moments of peak in joy or sadness. But the description on each painting said something completely different! They were explaining philosophical & psychological terms like “Self Centralization”, “Madness Obsession”, “Pages of Life” and “Narcissism”.
It is not a matter if right or wrong, but I prefer unexplained artworks. Something that takes the viewer to an unknown point of imagination, keeping him curious to find something new in it, see it differently whenever he looks at it. This process creates an intimate relationship between the artwork & regular viewer, who will never let go of the feelings created by the painting thus maintaing it as a renewable artwork not a vase.













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  1. Salwa AlQadi says:

    Dear AlMaha,
    Thank you for the beautiful coverage. Your enthusiasm is highly appreciated. It is always good to hear the viewers reflection on an exhibition.. After all, how can there be an exhibition without the viewer !!
    However, in response to ur article; I wanted to point out one thing: artists in general have the choice of either giving titles & descriptions to their works of art or name that piece of art as “untitled”. As a viewer, I like to observe the painting & interprait it the way I perceive it then read the title or description if any .. It is quite interesting to realize that each individual reflects differently, to the same painting, according to his/her own Past experiences..
    There is no right or wrong & that is the beauty of Art.
    Thank you again & keep up the good work ..

    1. moushie says:

      Hello Salwa..
      I absolutely agree with you.. As I mentioned in the article, it is not a matter of right or wrong, both the viewer & artist can express themselves freely because Art is an open dynamic field which develops by mixing different opinions, it reflects our differences as individuals in such a beautiful way.
      Thanks for your comment and it is my pleasure to know my efforts & views as bloggers is being considered, highly appreciate it.

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