The Beauty of Challenging Disabilities

A dear friend sent me a link to this video and I thought I must share this beauty-masterpiece with AlMaha readers

The group preforming is called (The Dream) a chinese dance group of 88 dancer that stunned the world with their perfomance of (Thousand-hand Quanyin Dance). Do you know what is so beautiful about them?! The 88 dancers all have disabilities! Yes! 55 with hearing impairments, 28 with visual impairments and 5 with physical disabilities. I don’t have any idea how they created this play; but they showed me the beauty of challenging one’s disabilities, cascading a message that “nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, disability is a state of mind that doesn’t exist in reality!”


I’ll leave you with another video of (Thousand Hands Quanyin Dance):


Check out HubPage article on (The Dream) Dance Group




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