A Walk in Hamad Al Humaidhan World

Let me talk you on a trip to Hamad Al Humaidhan’s world. An 11 years old kuwaiti artist who showed 30 paintings -Yes! 30! – in solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait.

Hamad, born on 11 September 1999, is based in England where his mother is seeking her doctorate degree. His love of art started as a hobby soon became an addiction with him visiting museums, art galleries and historic buildings rich in culture to advance to what was becoming his passion. His early exhibitions were held in England; where he has been featured in local and national newspapers following his sell-out exhibitions. In May 2010, Hamad was commissioned to create the Birthday Card in celebration of the 180th Anniversary of Covent Garden market in London. This attracted international media interest of outlets such as the BBC and ITV.

I honestly didn’t expect to see this much of creativity & talent, each painting has a definition, a concept & a story to tell but hidden behind the strong colors mixture. You would be confused when standing in front of his paintings, wondering; is it a happy painting or tragic? Was he painting what he saw or felt?… One sure thing is this talent didn’t happen overnight, Hamad is a dedicated artist since an early age and was working on his 3rd solo exhibition in Kuwait since 2009. Visiting Hamad’s exhibition reflects: dedication, passion, hard work, creativity and a boost of inspiration for youths to follow their dreams & what they believe in. Al Maha is curious to see what will Hamad contribute & how he’ll develop as an artist.


















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