Forough Farrokhzad & May AlSaad… When Souls Merge!





An Iranian poet, a mother, a lover…
A Kuwaiti artist…

She masters words to reflect her within…
She holds brushes, paints & canvases to expresses her within…

Traditions & rules breaking was her motivation…
Traditions & trends are portrayed in beautiful shades…

A woman who was ahead of her generation
A woman who’s colors cascade her into a pioneer state

Her poems were controversial, a cause of debate, love & hate
Her artworks fly on wings of sounds & movements

She lived in an era when women are seen as only housewives, but she rebelled on traditions & trends, declaring loudly “I am a free soul” defending her case until the dying day!

She lives in era where women are independent, have the choice to decide, to rebel, argue or accept!




Forough… Though her short life – died at age 32 – and poems banned for almost a decade due to Islamic Revolution in Iran, her artistic words lives ’til today, inspiring artists from around the world to revive her poems & story in plays, movies, books & paintings.

Her sorrows, anger, happiness, rebels, tears & cheers are a common language throughout generations. Forough didn’t speak like a woman, but as a human!






May featured Forough in her latest exhibition (Letters & Colors… Sounds & Light), describing it as
“human approach, not only for Forough, but for me too. Forough made me explore myself and reflect it in a new approach… At the final phrases of this project, I felt we were both merging into each other, a merge that brought a new me!”

Though they were two different women, from different cultures, societies, geographic… But when you look at May’s special Forough collection you feel it’s about one person, one woman, one human. Though both are from different eras & time, Art merged their soul creating a beautiful collaboration between words & colors.









We would love to applause May for this new approach, hoping to see more of this revolving, deep, beautiful & universal art in Al Saad upcoming projects.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Marilyn says:

    These are stunning! The first three are my favorites!

    1. moushie says:

      Her (May) artworks are beautiful! I couldn’t resist staring for long at them all! Glad you like it too 🙂
      The 1st four are part of one painting! That’s what I love about it, the artwork is a masterpiece in details & as a whole..

  2. Hani says:

    Simply breathtaking, yet how so that these two women got together (that is artistically and spiritually)?? I’ll put it like this: I’m curious how did May got a hold of Farough’s artwork?

    Btw, did I mention they’re breathtaking… Oh, yes I did

  3. Ali says:

    ما شاء الله.. والله رسامه ماهرة ومبدعة


    1. moushie says:

      أؤمن ان الفنانة مي تفوقت وتخطت الإبداع بمراحل في عملها الاخير 🙂 شكرًا لتعليقك

  4. May Al Saad says:

    Firstly, thanks to AlMahha for showcasing this collection that revolved around Forough Farrokhzad’s poetry. In regards to Hani’s comment about how I was able to get hold of Forough’s poetry, it was mere chance or fate that brought us together. I first stumbled upon Forough’s poems online and I was immediately hooked. This attraction soon grew into a passionate obsession that made me want to find out everything about Farrokhzad. A woman whom lived a very short life and died leaving behind her a legacy that will live forever and inspire all women along the ages. It’s like what the quote says “The hero dies but the story goes on to live forever”.

    May Al Saad

    1. moushie says:

      Thank you May for your comment & glad you liked my article. Everywhere I go people still ask me about your work & applause it strongly. As I said, please keep it up, such works motivate people like to write & be taken with it. Thanks

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