Dive into Oriental Music with Le Trio Joubran

I was always in love with oriental music, it always had the same effect of arabic Calligraphy, drifts you away from where you are into a more beautiful mysterious point in the world. It was always hard to find a band that performed oriental music or shows in a liberated way. By liberated I mean a music that is not captivated with restrictions, rules, guidelines… etc. Free melodies & tunes. I said it was hard until I was introduced to Le Trio Joubran.



Le Trio Joubran, three brothers from Palestine, musicians sought after worldwide, are progressing in their art thanks to a big amount of individual and collective effort and to the deep love and respect of music and public.

The three brothers descending from a family of Oud makers and players since four generations… the grand grand-father, the grand-father, the father and now, Samir, Wissam and Adnan have transformed this instrument into a passion, a skill, a life…

The percussion is performed by the master Youssef Hbeisch who enriches the Trio’s compositions by enchanting rhythms and notes.

Their mastery of « Oud » is singular and so are the harmony and the synchronization that they perform all over the world, before different publics united by the Trio’s authenticity and excellence.

Formation of Brand

The Joubran family adventure begins with Samir, an innovative soloist. Their first album, Taqaseem, comes out in 1996, followed by Sou’fahm in 2001. His first album under the Daqui label (the label of the Atypical Nights in Langon), Tamaas, appears in 2002. His run of performances in European and Middle Eastern venues begins. At the time, Samir is the only Palestinian performing outside the borders of his country. He is also the first musician to be awarded, in 2003-2004, a two-year scholarship to Italy through the Writer’s Asylum Program which is organized by the International Parliament of Writers.


His musical virtuosity receives universal acclaim, and he is quickly invited to play with numerous other artists, in particular with great poets of the likes of Mahmoud Darwish. Music allies itself with the spoken word to bring to life poetry where melancholy and passion are inextricably mixed.


Samir Joubran’s musical talent is acknowledged by the movie world when he composes the original sound track for Rashir Masharawi’s Ticket to Jerusalem. He is then contacted by director François Dupeyron. Three tracks from the album Tamaas are included in the sound track of Inguélézi. Three titles from Randana are used in Parvez Sharmas’ documentary (A jihad for love).


After Randana, the first album to bring together all three Joubran brothers, their new opus, Majâz, will come out this fall. With Palesine beating in his heart, driven by his desire to give voice to his oud, Samir Joubran will travel the world with his brothers.

“We have two battles to fight. The first is for our career, and the other is for peace in Palestine, and the end of the occupation.” Samir Joubran

There latest album, Asfar:

The three brothers who constitute the Trio, now at the height of their maturity and knowledge, made AsFâr, their fifth album, with music composed as well as “experienced” by all three of them. For the discovery of other cultures cost them a lot of struggles as well as many joys.

Five years previously, when they came to live in Paris, they were bearers of a dream but haunted by fear, yet determined to discover the West so as to make their own music, culture and differences better known… The West they dreamed of has brought them a great deal, and now they in turn give back all that is best in them, the most spiritual, the richest part of themselves, the part closest to their heart.

No preconceived plan, then, nor precise itinerary, just a well of emotions surging forth, a multitude of notes and tones their ‘uds know how to express so well, with Dhafer Youssef as vocalist on two titles and the celebrated rhythms of their loyal partner, percussionist Youssef Hbeisch. Asfâr offers completely new horizons; a journey rather than a project, it takes us through their varied influences, plunging deep into the winding stream of their most secret thoughts.

Asfâr, “journeys” in Arabic, and “As far” in English – a play on words that matches their reality. The Trio has come a long way over the last five years, has attracted new audiences, composed film scores, won prizes and awards, and appeared on some of the most important scenes in the world with internationally recognised artists.


Tamaas (2002)
Randana (2005)
Majâz (2007)
À l’ombre des mots (2008)
Le Dernier VoL , with Chkrrr (2009)
AsFâr , featuring Dhafer Youssef (2011)

I first heard their music on a collaboration with Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish on one of his masterpieces “Intathirha” or “Wait for Her” the music was so captivating, the words were astonishing.. Together, it was an art piece of beauty & love.

The band collaborated with Darwish in the last 10 years of his life, performing concerts together. When he passed away, Le Trio Joubran did a huge concert that featured his recorded songs & performance of Oud.

For more information on their concerts dates, check out http://www.letriojoubran.com I selected some of my favorites musics done by Le Trio Joubran, hope you enjoy.


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