Mark Your Calendar for March – UPDATE!

31 days of non stop, ongoing art events across the region! Everyday in March is marked with a new exhibition or show that will make you wonder “which event to see?!” Yes! March is that JAMMED with ART!

1. Tilal Gallery


What? Solo exhibition for artist Tagreed H. Albagashi
When? March 4 – 15
Where? Gallery Tilal, Kuwait.

2  Man World in Al M Gallery


What? the long waiting solo exhibition of Kuwaiti multi artist Shurooq Amin is finally here! (It’s a Man’s World) focuses on the “untouchable” and “non-debatable” topics related to Men. An unveiling on hypocrisy as well as a celebration of man and life.
When? March 5 – April 1
Where? Al M Gallery, Kuwait.

3. The Exhibition at Bait Lothan


What? First solo exhibition for Kuwaiti artist Muneera al Rumaihi (The Exhibition) presenting artworks that are deeply inspired by the human inner-self, political issues and social obligations.

When? March 5 – 7

Where? Bayt Lothan, Kuwait

4. Maqamat Dance in March

  • DANAS – Mawt Saghir, First Movement

What? Choreographed & performed by Ali Chahrour & EmilieThomas Mansour, Danas exposes destitute bodies. Moving bodies in search of motivation, might it be a soul or anything that could make them reclaim their self-control. An instinctive quest for a meaning or a vanished reality. A reality condemned by religious texts and scientific progress. A reality whose only relief is to echo the farewell cries blaming its absence.

When? March  9th until 17th

Where? Maqamat Dance Theater, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Intimate Conversation with a Red Fish

What? This new performance created by Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh is inspired by the civil awakenings taking place in most of the Arab speaking countries. The active, resistant, and engaged body crossed the restrictions imposed on it and declared its being and presence. It manifested its power and awareness through its ‘liveness’. The body was never recorded, nor copied, and never virtual. It was in the streets proclaiming its ‘being’ and generating its future reality.

When? March 30 – 31

Where? Maqamat Dance Theater, Beirut, Lebanon

Don’t Miss! Maqamat Dance Theater also offers dance classes in Contemporary Dance & Ballet (kids). Check out there websites for schedual and registrations.

5. The Ara Gallery

What? An exhibition features H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak by her granddaughter, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza’ Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Sheikha Fatima is an avid art enthusiast, her artworks deal mainly with ideas of cultural identity seen through a diverse range of media. In her debut solo exhibition, she utilizes the unique technique of the photogram to highlight the beautiful art of the abaya and its role in preserving the nation’s identity. The artworks are a tribute to the spirit of national pride and Emirati identity.

When? March 5 – 13

Where? The Ara Gallery, Dubai


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