Reality Gone Wild in Mohammad Sharaf Graphic

Kuwait is going into an unidentified era, where the face of our social, political, educational & cultural is changing and drifting away from freedom of express, opinion, thought & recently appearance!

In the middle of this craze & unwanted transformation, Kuwait’s art scene is not resting! Fighting against suppressing our freedom and violating The Constitution with paints, photography, graphic design and more. Mohammad Sharaf, one of my favorite graphic designers in Kuwait, created a various series of artworks that perfectly shout out the ugly truth & reality is cascaded as wild as it really is with Sharaf’s graphics! His graphics are inspired from happening events and reality. Check his latest out:

Who Put You a Guardian for Us?!


Celebrating International Women’s Day



Towards more rights and freedom

Please visit Mohammad Sharaf website for more reality shocking graphics, trust me you will scream “THAT IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!”


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