Adip Dutta Redeemed Love in Pain

As I was walking in Art Dubai arena A I spotted this…

And I couldn’t resist but asking “who? what? why? and how?”!! Well allow me to introduce indian artist Adip Dutta & his series ‘In Pain I Redeem Love’ exhibited as a solo artist in Art Dubai 2012. In his artworks, he confronts the viewer with methods and instruments of pain and torture – gruesome objects that have the potential to inflict unspeakable injury.


“To some, pain is temporal and limited and to others, an agent of sacrifice in attaining a higher spiritual union. The redemptive value of pain makes it lovable in its effects, even though by itself it may not be so.” Describes Dutta who balances his work on the tip of that moment when pain becomes so tender it becomes inexplicably beautiful. He is an artist who is engaged in discovering extraordinary emotions and characters in the metaphors of everyday that is usually remain elusive.

He has a very sensual approach to ones’ inners, emotions & unconscious. An approach that mean appreciation of the “good” because of the “bad” one goes through, an appreciation of love after hurts and pain, an appreciation of peace after war, and appreciation of health after illness… and the list goes on. Adip sheds light on all the “known” contradictions and opposites of life as if he is saying that they all complete each other, and life is a composition on contradiction; isn’t it?!

Adip, born in 1970 in Kolkata, India, holds a Master of Visual Arts (MVA), Dpt. of Sculpture at Faculty of Visual Arts, from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta in 2000. A Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), Dpt of Sculpture, Faculty of Visual Arts, also from same University in 1998. And a Bachelor of Art, Sociology Honours, University of Calcutta in 1994. Adip Dutta is currently a member of Faculty of Visual Arts at Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta. He has numerous local and international participations such as Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair in 2006, Recipient of the Charles Wallace Scholarship, UK in 2002 and Art Dubai 2012.


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  1. Hani says:

    Love the mega-size scrunchy. Disturbingly scary.

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