Controversial & Contemporary At ‘The Samawi Collection II’


UBIK (India) Installation 2011. Lenticular Lens (Three Layers)


UBIK (India) Installation 2011. Lenticular Lens (Three Layers)


UBIK (India) Installation 2011. Lenticular Lens (Three Layers)



Have you been to a private collection exhibition that includes over 60 artworks varying from paintings, installations, photography, sculptures?! If you still havn’t it isn’t too late to head to Ayyam Gallery Art Center in Al Serkal, Dubai to see mesmorizing, conterversial, contemporary art pieces from ‘The Samawi Collection II’.

Lara Attallah 'Pandora’s Box of Madness' 2012 . And 'Mad Hatter' 2012 Both Medium: Photography on Archival Paper


Halim Karim 'Untitled' From the series, 'Urban Witness' 2002. Medium: Lambda Print 3 x (73 x 53 cm.)

‘The Samawi Collection II’, a museum-quality exhibition featuring artworks from the private collections of Khaled and Hisham Samawi. For its inaugural exhibition in 2011, “Selections from the Samawi Collection” displayed fifty carefully selected paintings from Arab artists traversing the region and spanning generations providing an opportunity for visitors to view the history and evolution of contemporary Arab art.

Following the successful first edition launched in 2001, the exhibition aims to provide a more comprehensive look into the realms of contemporary photography and conceptual art by expanding the scope to include emerging and established artists from the immediate region as well as France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Korea, and the United States.

Tamam Azzam 'Brain Wash'
Mohammad Bader
Mohammad Bader
'The Freaks' Michel Ayoub & Rima Chahrour
'The Freaks' Michel Ayoub & Rima Chahrour
Chul-Hyun Ahn (South Korea) Void Platform, 2011 Medium: Installation of Plywood, Mirror, Acrylic and Fluorescent Light. H40.5 x W241 x D305 cm.
Chul-Hyun Ahn 'Void Platform' 2011 Medium: Installation of Plywood, Mirror, Acrylic and Fluorescent Light. H40.5 x W241 x D305 cm.

Ammar Al Beik part of 'Colored Earth' 2010 Installation

Photographic works by Lara Attalah, Newsha Tavakolian, Rania Matar, Richard Mosse, Sadegh Tirafkan, Meera Huraiz, Halim Al Karim, Shirin Neshat, Manal Al Dowayan, Nassouh Zaghlouleh, and Philipe Dudouit, among others, explore a variety of issues such as gender inequality and suppression in society, the negative affects of war, the transmission and loss of culture, and the overwhelming influence of the media. These works, alongside three cutting-edge highlight installations by Ammar Al Beik, Chul-hyun Ahn and Sadik Alfraji, as well as other installations by James Clar, Seon Ghi Bahk, Matthew Carver, Tammam Azzam, Qaswra Hafez and Raneem Farsi, Amal Kenawy, Huguette Caland, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, and video art by Sama Alshaibi and Brad Downey present a vividly modern commentary of the various sociopolitical concerns contemporary artists are portraying in their works throughout the world today.

I liked that the exhibition features daring works of art such as Mohammad Bader’s “The Power of…” photography, Qaswara Hafez ‘Blink’ installation, Ubik’s (Father, Son & The Holy Spirit), Sadegh Tirafkan ‘The Loss of Our Identity’ and more. Each artwork will captivate you with its display, concept, meduim. “The Samawi Collection II” will sure leave a shocking impression on you.

About ‘The Samawi Collection’

Rania Mattar 'Elham 18, Shatila Refugee Camp, Beirut' 2009 Medium: Archival Pigment on Museo Silver Paper
Rania Mattar 'Christilla #2 19, Rabieh Lebanon' 2009. Medium: Archival Pigment on Museo Silver Paper

Including over 3,000 works by modern and contemporary artists in a variety of mediums, The Samawi Collection traverses several schools and periods of Middle Eastern and international art. The collection spans a range of genres, from politically minded canvases to painting and sculpture that remain at the cutting-edge of global art with technologically driven approaches. Rotating selections of this collection will be on display at the Ayyam Art Center as part of a new cultural initiative that seeks to bring museum-grade exhibitions of private and public art holdings to regional audiences.

The exhibition is ongoing until April 26, at Ayyam Art Center, Al Serkal in Al Qouz area, Dubai.


Qaswara Hafez & Ranem Farsi 'Blink' 2011 Medium: Wooden base, yellow plastic tape with hand-embroidered verses, Qurans encased in glass columns.


Amal Kenawy 'The Journey' 2004 Installation


Matthew Carver (Canada) 'Anamorph' 2009 Medium: Acrylic on Wood with Garbage Can


Nassouh Zaghlouleh 'Une Minute de Silence' 2011. Installation


Closer look at Nassouh Zaghlouleh 'Une Minute de Silence'


Saeed Khalifa 'Believe I' 2007. Digital Print


Angela Palmer 'Double Self Portrait' 2008. Medium: Unique Drawing on Multiple Sheets of Glass.


Lale Tara (Turkey) 'Hello Earth Goodbye' 2006. Medium: Photographic Print.


Closer look at Lale Tara (Turkey) 'Hello Earth Goodbye'


Newsha Tavakolian both from From the series, 'Dream CD Covers' 2010. Medium: C-Print


Thaer Marouf's Installations


Thaer Marouf 'Missing Identity' 2012. Installation



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