Cease War!

There was a place,
A home
Where I was born
Raised, walked, played, studied, got into a fight or two, fell in love & more, had coffee with friends, gossiped, argued, laughed, danced, painted, cried…

At the end of the day I smiled because I was surrounded with loved ones,
and I know there’s no place like home!

What if your home was suddenly taken away from you by force?! You have to leave it all behind & start a new… Everything!

Even if you stayed, you can’t gaurantee your life or your loved ones! You know nothing will ever be the same!

That’s war… It rapes a “home” but can never steal your memories away…

Please cease fire for real! Haven’t you done enough damage?



Tammam Azzam is a Syrian young artist who has the ability to freeze a deeply painful, bloody moment & scream it out with art. Tammam is bravely pointing out the ugly truth in Syria since March 2011. ‘Cease Fire’ (2012, Medium: Digital Art) is his latest work of courage -art- part of a collection and he generously gave Al Maha approval to post it. I will write about the entire collection once it is completed.

Thank you Tammam for being brave in a creative, sincere way!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Suzan Meryem Rosita says:

    Always absolutely amazing and now even more truthful and sincere.

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