International Art in FA Gallery

FA Gallery hosted a group show of artworks that were participated in Art Istanbul, from local, regional & international artists.

The exhibition featured various visual art between sculptures, installations, pop art & paintings by Sina Ata, Amira Behbehani, Karem al Qurity, Mohammad Al Shemmary, Ginane Makki Bacho, Abed Al Kadiri, Hamad AlSaab & Ali Sultan, Katayoun Karami and Igor Tishin.

There were three interesting work of art that I liked, Ginane Makki Bacho sculptures, Amira Behbahanni ‘The Cave in Realization’ installation and Katayoun Karami photography.

Ginane Makki Bacho Sculpture 1
Ginane Makki Bacho Sculpture 2

After the invasion of Beirut in 1982, my studio as well as my apartment have been destroyed…While later I was trying to save what was left from my works or personal belongings, pieces of shrapnel caught my attention…I started to pick them instead of my precious things left intact…

These shrapnel were all over my space as if they have invaded my world, my life after having destroyed my apartment

Time was spent later, to scrutinize their shapes and forms, and a silent dialogue started between us… I was watching these small shrapnel meant to destroy and kill, and wanted to find a way to overcome my fears of the war and defy these instruments of death.

Therefore I studied all possibilities and relationships of these metal pieces as potential sculptural compositions… The use of these instruments of death as an art material was in itself a way of confronting my terrifying experiences of the war, a catharsis, a salvation.”Ginane Makki Bacho

As I said before, Ginane Makki Bacho has a story to tell & shares it through deep art. Hard work & detail oriented, you can’t pass by her sculptures without being touched and captivated.


Amira Behbehani 'Cave of Realization' 2011, Medium: Metal, Mirror, Loop.

In the past, drawings were discovered on Cave walls. Drawings that had a meaning and a message behind them, it is mesmerizing and has a feeling of mystery with regards, to their atmosphere and ancient existence. Tool such as a candle or torchlight and magnifying glass were used to see those drawings in detail. 

I have thought many times of creating an artwork that had a similar feel of a cave yet with a modern twist and a different theory.

The Theory is the relationship between the eye and the mind by adding 3 mirrors in different positions sending different messages to the brain, therefore I combined two together by creating a box using raw material  as metal, that rusts when it’s touched by time, inside, there is a drawing of a modern city, with animals, buildings and people. These are some of the elements that I can relate myself to in this world.

This artwork is completely clear and easily comprehended by the naked eye, By adding the lens and three mirrors, I try to delve deeper into the philosophy behind their position, of which there is a different meaning for each direction. Moreover, you can see the city in three different perspectives at the same time. According to the neurological research, eye movement seems to be associated with activating different parts of the brain.

I want to enhance the viewer’s experience by directing artwork through different parts of mind not only the visual, introducing realization of a vision, instead of visualization of an image.” Amira Behbehani

Taking a closer look at ‘Cave of Realization’ transfers the viewer to a different world, I can’t say it is ancient. She got me wondering is it an era very ahead of our time, perhaps a version Amira has for the future?! Or is she freezing the present the way ancient people used to document theirs’?! Whatever I saw inside the ‘Cave’, I must admit it is a unique piece of art that I salute Amira for creating it.

The third artwork is by iranian artist Katayoun Karami ‘Resurrected’

Katayoun Karami 'Resurrected' 2009
Closer look at Katayoun Karami 'Resurrected' 2009

Born in 1967 in Tehran, Iran. Katayoun Karami photography goes beyond redlines, breaking all and any restrections & crossing limits. Her series ‘Resrruction’ of 4 images portraying a crucified woman; one with blood spits, writings, broken glass and a zoom out shot of the ‘tortured’ woman. Katayoun artwork is very shocking and painful, she reflects the torture and pain any woman around the world can face & feel just for maybe being a woman! Many women around the world are subject to domestic voilence, rape, sex slave, social, political, religious repression… The cross Katayoun used here is a symbol of one of the oldest – ongoing – tools of torture that was also used against black people in United States of America back in the slavery days in 19th & 20th Centuries. Katayoun didn’t use the cross as a religious symbol. “Resrruction” is my favorite artwork in the exhibition and I thank FA Gallery for their brave decision to exhibit in Kuwait. It is a very daring artwork to be exhibited in Kuwait, thank you FA Gallery for this courage decision.

Now I will let you enjoy the slideshow 🙂

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