“Alwaan” … Where Art Meets Fashion!

There is alwasys a beautiful mixture between art and fashion, it becomes more beautiful when you use a fashion event to open people’s eyes on Art movements in Kuwait!

Goji Boutique & Qumar14 are hosting a fashion/art event at Dar Al Funoon. ‘Alwaan’ an Arabic word means ‘colos’ is a combination of the colorful world of creativity in latest fashion trends and contemporary art; featuring selective vendors to provide visitors with latest and most unique trends. Moreover to highlight and encourage people about art and culture in the region, Dar Al Funoon will feature Iranian Contemporary Art exhibition during ‘Alwaan’. The choice of holding ‘Alwaan’ -initially a fashion event- by Goji Boutique & Qumar14 in a one of Kuwait’s remarkable art galleries, Dar Al Funoon, is a wonderful gesture from Alwaan orginazors and salute them for it!

‘Alwaan’ will take place from April 29 – May 1, 2012. Don’t miss it!


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