‘Referencing History’ Brings Authority, Religion & Humans Anticipations

“The starting point of critical elaboration is the consciousness of what one really is, and is ‘knowing thyself’ as a product of the historical processes to date, which have deposited in you an infinity of traces, without leaving an inventory”. Edward Said

A multi-national group exhibition titled (Referencing History) in Green Art Gallery, Dubai where artists share an active interest in history, be that a collective or personal one. In several cases, the artists share the experience of growing up under a restrictive regime and witnessing its disintegration, as was the case for those living through the collapse of Communist rule in Eastern Europe. In others, there is simply a fascination with historical processes and the systemic interpretations of “historical events”.

In some of the work state and religious figures of authority, under various empires and regimes, often find themselves as the protagonists who are brought in to question the human tendency to put faith in a system that has proven itself to be fallible. In others, alternative readings of “factual events”  in which personal memory and reality merge and blur simultaneously, force the viewer to re-consider that which they may hold as being incontestable. At a time when boundaries are being re-drawn, territories re-assessed and political and historical contexts are re-examined, the exhibition highlights the urgency for recognising instilled personal preconceptions and collective presuppositions.


Kamrooz Aram from the series ‘7000 years’ 2010, Medium: mixed media on paper.


Marius Bercea “If Snows” 2012. Medium: oil on canvas mounted on wood.


Al Maha on (Referencing History)

The artworks featured in the exhibition is visually strong with a stronger message within the lines or direct, addressing one’s issues built up from either the political experiences or practice, religious demands & society expectations and what the ignored lessons of history which always repeat itself regardless of the era we live in. I admire how all artists, in various mediums and approaches, cascade something too personal and intimate yet general and global.

My favorite artwork is Ali Banisadr “Democrasy Hypocrisy” -last image below- honestly is says it all about the ‘false” democrasy and freedom implemented in some countries that label themselves as “democratic nation”. The problem is, we can’t implement democrasy in some areas and forbbid it in others. And first of all before categorising a country as “democratic” , it should be taught clearly for all citizens & granted to them without descrimination. “Democrasy Hypocrisy” is a true mirror of the international community.


Zsolt Bodoni “In Bloom” 2012. Medium: acrylic and oil on canvas.


Ciprian Muresan, Untitled, 2009. Medium: video, loop 50’, ed. of 5+2AP.


Daniel Pitin “Mirroring” 2012. Medium: oil acrylic candle smoke and paper glued on canvas.


‘Referencing History’ brings artists Kamrooz Aram, Hale Tenger, and Ali Banisadr with a selection of some of the most internationally renowned Eastern European artists including Alexander Tinei, Daniel Pitin, Marius Bercea, Zsolt Bodoni, Ivan Grubanov, Ciprian Muresan, Mircea Suciu, and Serban Savu.


Ali Banisadr “Democrasy Hypocrisy” Medium: mixed media on canvas.

(Referencing History) started yesterday, May 7th and is ongoing until July 15, 2012 in Green Art Gallery, Al Qouz, Dubai.


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