2 Days Workshop of “The Other Resurrection”

Al Mahha took part of a 2 days photography workshop by Contemporary Art Platform CAP and Rawiya ‘s “The Other Resurrection” by photographers Laura Boushnak and Tamara Abdul Hadi.

Tamara Abdul Hadi & Laura Boushnak explaining


The first day of the workshop was an outdoor photography in Kuwait’s old and traditional open-air market “Souk Al Mubarkiya” where we were asked to choose a topic and create a story from it, in other words, tell a story inspired from the old souk. The second day of workshop was an editing session of all the photos we took and an open discussion about each photographer’s story.

It was quiet interesting because we were all at the same place but each one of us choose different perspective to highlight. Varied from landscape, patterns & colors, bloody scenes of the meat & fish market, modern vs vintage buildings and products, relationship between buyers and vendors, men & women accesories and more stories were shared during the day-2 workshop.

At Soul Mubarkia by Al Mahha


At Soul Mubarkia by Al Mahha


At Soul Mubarkia by Al Mahha


At Soul Mubarkia by Al Mahha


The workshop of “The Other Ressurrection” proved the point of the Rawiya collective photography exhibition currently showing at CAP – Kuwait; that we may all pass by the same scene everyday but one will find something unique in it and reveal a story behind it, or even more, one can dare himself and approach a taboo topic no one dares to look at.


2nd day of Workshop
Spotted! Laura Boushnak capturing Amira Behbehani 🙂


by Al Mahha


Thank you CAP & Rawiya for a conductive and beneficial cooperation.


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  1. Hani says:

    I am a big fan of Al-Mubarakiya souq & old Kuwaiti themes in general. Loved the idea, yet you should’ve taken more pictures حنتوش.. It’s free you know … In order to capture the essence of old Kuwait.

    You need to work on your tapping skills too chubby fingers  ( SouK ).. All the best

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