Beirut Art Fair 2012 is Bigger & Better!

What is better than ending the Art summer season with an Art Fair in Beirut?! Trust me nothing! Beirut Art Fair (ME.NA.SA.) is back on its third edition this July from 5 to 8 July 2012 at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL), with 40 galleries from the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, with the participation of 27 new top-notch galleries! Which only means it is bigger, better with high expectations.

So what’s new?! Alongside the galleries, numerous exhibitions will be enriching the cultural program, which promises wonderful discoveries stamped (ME.NA.SA.) in the fields of street art, VJing, comic strips, video, sculpture and installations. This year the fair expands its scope with design with the participation of several international galleries, which have chosen to exhibit the work of their creators, in Beirut in July.

In addition to that, a series of lectures and roundtables will take place, reaffirming the role of Beirut as the cultural capital for the Arab world, Iran and Turkey. Professionals from the world of art as well as collectors and critics, are invited to exchange ideas pertaining to different subjects in order to understand contemporary art emanating from the (ME.NA.SA.) territory, in all its richness and diversity.




Participating Galleries in Beirut Art Fair 2012

The 40 galleries of modern and contemporary art participating in BEIRUT ART FAIR represent all facets of plastic art, through painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, performance, street art and comics from 13 countries. Here is the list according to the region -Middle East, Europe, Maghreb, North Africa):

29 from the MIDDLE EAST:

  1. 20-21 Gallery (Lebanon) *
  2. Art Bahrain (Bahrain) *
  3. Art Chowk The Gallery (Pakistan and Dubai) *
  4. Art Factum Gallery (Lebanon) *
  5. Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  6. Art Sawa (Dubai)
  7. ATHR (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  8. Ayyam (Lebanon / UAE / Syria)
  9. Azad Art Gallery (Iran)*
  10. Carwan Gallery (Lebanon) *
  11. Emmagoss Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  12. Espace-Kettaneh Kunigk-Tanit (Lebanon and Germany)
  13. Esquisse Gallery (Lebanon) *
  14. Al Mohtaraf Gallery (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  15. Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery (Lebanon)
  16. Janine Rubeiz Gallery (Lebanon)
  17. Ghassan Zard Abou Jaoude Gallery (Lebanon) *
  18. Joanna Seikaly Art Gallery (Lebanon) *
  19. Karim Bekdache (Lebanon) *
  20. Kozah Art Gallery (Syria)
  21. Maria Halios Design (Lebanon) *
  22. Smogallery (Lebanon) *
  23. SPARE ARTS GALLERY (Lebanon)*
  24. Raja’ Nehme Sertin Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  25. Rami Boutros Design*
  26. Tajalliyat Art Gallery (Syria) *
  27. TASHKEEL (Dubai) *
  28. The Running Horse (Lebanon) *
  29. Waddah Faris (Iraq) *

7 Galleries from EUROPE:

  1. ABK ART (France) *
  2. ChinaToday Gallery (Belgium) *
  3. Gallery Prinzessin Michaela Nikolajewna Wolkonsky (Germany) *
  4. Sophie Lanoë Gallery (France) *
  5. Galeria Sabrina Amrani (Spain) *
  6. Trait Noir Gallery – Aroya (France) *
  7. VDA Galleries (Spain) *

3 Galleries from the Maghreb

  1. Le Violon Bleu Gallery (Tunisia)
  2. Le Sous Sol Art Gallery (Morocco) *
  3. Musk & Amber lifestyle concept store (Tunisia) *

1 Gallery from North Africa

  • Dara Gallery (Sudan) *
This is not it! Stay tuned with Al Mahha as we will keep you in the loop of everything going on in Beirut Art Fair 2012. For now, mark your calendar, book your tickets and off to what see the best of culture and art brought to you from around the world to Beirut.


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  1. ghadaevora says:

    So sad I can’t be there. Thanks for your wonderful research and postings.

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