Mark Your Calendar for July

Galerie Janine Rubiez

What: “Beyrouth, Photographies from 1973 – 2012” a photography exhibition for Lebanese artist Jean Pierre Watchi who takes you on a journey to Beirut city from the 70s until today the way he views it. All images are fragmented “they don’t tell a story, they don’t have theme. The are only the continuation of my passage… and indicate my interest in shapes and colors crossing my way” Jean Pierre Watchi.

When: July 4th – 28th 2012.

Where:  Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut.

Ayyam Gallery

Oussama Diab ‘Contrast’. Mixed Media on Canvas

What: ‘Melting Pot’ an exhibition featuring a selection of work by some of the Arab world’s most exciting artistic talents. Showcasing five of the most promising emerging and mid-career abstract and figurative painters from Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, this exhibition will provide an overview of the new wave of contemporary Arab painting presently produced throughout the Middle East and the Diaspora. Participating artists are: Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, Walid El Masri, Elias Izoli, Oussama Diab and Hilda Hiary.

When: From July 4 – 31, 2012

Where: Ayyam Gallery, Beirut.

Hosfelt Gallery New York

What: “SEMI-PERMEABLE” is a group exhibition addresses the porous nature of identity and reality where artists in this exhibition in some way expose the holes, gaps, penetrations, mutations, infusions, and interconnections between the self and the phenomenon we call reality. Participating artists are: Janine Antoni, Julie Chang, Jay DeFeo, Luka Fineisen, Jutta Haeckel, Tim Hawkinson, Baseera Khan, Byron Kim, Naomie Kremer, Stefan Kürten, Crystal Liu, Emil Lukas, John O’Reilly, Driss Ouadahi and Shahzia Sikander.

When: June 29 June – 17 August 2012

Where: Hosfelt Gallery New York. USA

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