Beirut Street Art & MENASA Comic Exposed!

Promoting “Beirut … the cultural capital for the Arab world, Iran and Turkey”, Beirut Art Fair 2012 (BAF) is featuring various cultural programs and events under its umbrella. In addition to the galleries showcasing contemporary artworks & artists, BAF takes you on a journey to the urban side of the city where artists used walls to freely expose their thoughts & opinion; putting Beirut in a leading pioneer role for contemporary graffiti and street art. From streets to comic, BAF 2012 features comic art from Morroco to Indonesia for the first time under one roof!

The Urban Creation of Beirut

Welcome to the streets of Beirut where graffiti and drawings done creatively and artistically with an aim! Beirut street art reflects opinions on political, religious, social issues as well as personal thoughts. Curated by Lebanese artist Ginane Makki Bacho, BAF dedicates a space for the artistic creation born in the heart of the city and makes the walls speak to reveal five years of archives.

“This exhibition proposes a journey across Beirut, its tags and graffiti, as well as its performances in urban areas. Links with the hip hop culture will be illustrated throughout the fair.”

Ashekman “HIP HOP” in Jemmayzeh, Beirut.
Street Art
Graffiti by Yazan Halwani in Cola, Beirut.


The mix of images are realized by VJ César Kahwaji followed by another performance by a group of Lebanese artists: Ashekman. Other street artists in the spotlight include Yazan Halwani.

Don’t Underestimate the Comics!

This year, Beirut Art Fair presents for the first time, an exhibition dedicated to the ME.NA.SA comics showcasing over 30 original drawings. The Comics Corner offers through the (Ninth Art) an overview spanning from the Maghreb to Asia, passing by the Middle East, and unveiling how comic creators seize the political, social and economic situations of their native countries, whether they come from Lebanon like Zeina Abirached, Mazen Kerbaj , and Jorj Mhaya; from Tunisia, like Nadia Khiari; from Egypt, like Mohamed El Sharkawi, Madgi El Shafi, Mohamed Khaled, Amer El Shomali, from Algeria like Gyps or from China like Nie Chongrui, Zhao Golo ou Zong Kai.

By Arist Mazen Kerbaj
By Artist Nie Chongrui
By Mazen Kerbaj

Beirut Art Fair (BAF) 2012 is from July 5 – 8, 2012 in Beirut Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL).


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