(I See You) … Acknowledge and Playfully Deny Politics!

(I See You) is a video art by The Freaks; a collaboration Lebanese artists Rima Chahrour and Michel Ayoub, a social-political 1 minute 30 second video will be shown in the VIDEO BOX of Beirut Art Fair (BAF) 2012 amoung other videos-art.

This work presents the violent and non-violent forms of political rejection from an equal distance to the viewer. Although the two figures are closing their eyes and turning away from the reality of the political situation, they acknowledge it and choose to playfully deny it.” The Freaks


The Freaks (Rima Chahrour & Michel Ayoub) “I See You” Video Art


For more information about the two who are “changing the world since 80’s” visit: http://thefreaks.net/



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