Samia Halaby Artist of The Month at Janet Rady

Janet Rady Fine Art choose (Lemon Tree) an artwork by Palestinian artist Samia Halaby to be featured and highlighted as a “significant work” by one of the leading female Arab artist known for her colorful abstract art, a movement which she believes reflects “how things are and how things move”.

(Lemon Tree) deals with the physical world as observed by the artist, presented on the large, dynamic scale familiar from her work of the past several years most memorably shown at her Ayyam Beirut solo exhibition in 2010.

Each month the Janet Rady Fine Art – Art Focus will feature a different artist and highlight a significant work not appearing on our website, for exclusive sale.  To enquire about purchasing this or other works on our site, click here.


Samia Halaby “Lemon Tree” Acrylic on linen.180 x 180 cm. 2011


About Samia Halaby

Born in Jerusalem in 1936, Samia Halaby is a leading Palestinian painter and scholar. After immigrating to the US via Lebanon in 1951, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati in 1959 and a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1963, after which she held academic positions at a number of prominent institutions, including the Yale School of Art. Since 1970, she has held countless solo exhibitions and art fairs, both in the US and abroad and has been featured in a number of groundbreaking exhibitions of Arab art. Halaby’s work is housed in several museum collections worldwide, most notably the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, The British Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Detroit Institute of Art.

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