Nadim Karam … A Phoenix from Beirut

“There is a need for emancipation, for ephemeral accumulated actions in different zones within the city that try to break through the existing network and agitate its structure… I call such phenomena hap-situs (happening) + (situation). They can appear as a result of a visible form (urban setting) or of an invisible order (urban happening) or from a combination of both.” Nadim Karam

An influential article about Lebanese artist, architect, academic and author Nadim Karam posted in AchiLeb highlights Karam’s journey from early career life, travels and success. You can read it here.

Nadim Karam

Special thanks for Nadim Karam for sending this article to Al Mahha and share it with readers 🙂


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  1. Inaya Hodeib says:

    a lot of things i didnt know about the artist, thank you

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