The Story of Peace One Day – Kuwait


“It all started 4 years ago… I heard about the NGO through the internet and an idea came to me why don’t we – Kuwait – host something like this here? 4 years later, this idea has turn into reality!

Peace One Day (POD) is doing a great amount of charity works worldwide and taking part of it sure is an honor. But when it all started in 2008 I couldn’t find the right method to keep in touch or connect with the organization. As time flew, I put the idea aside, but never abandon it, I felt it will happen but the right time didn’t come yet… Until 2011!

It was a turning point in my life when I was contacted by one of POD members through Facebook and I shared my dream to host POD event in Kuwait, one soon day, he was thrilled for the idea and started working on it. I contacted so many in Kuwait to take part of it, in the beginning everyone seemed excited, but later on many backed away…

It didn’t hesitate me to see the team decreasing one day at another, with the few ones left we carried on. I went to London in March / April 2012 to attend a summit by POD and gave them a rough idea of how we are planning to pull up the POD event in Kuwait. To my surprise they were excited to host the event in Kuwait because it’s part of one of the challenging regions in the world  and they have been trying to bring this event to Middle East, so it was a win/win situation…

The challenges begun – as I said – people promising to support but left us half way, others doubted that a small group of artists will be able to pull this event together especially that we are not represented by any authority, the back and forth with Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, add to that our commitment as individuals with our families, friends and art! There was a point I thought it will all collapse and where am I dragging myself and the few people who believed and supported me and the cause into?! I won’t exaggerate if I say the situation was crazy; but when you have faith, miracles happen!

After over 6 months of back and forth with the ministry, we got the approval early September! That’s when we spread the word across the country through Facebook and other social media. The event is going to combine between art & music, culture in other word. Art by exhibiting artworks related to peace and sell them, all the money will go to POD for charity. Whereas music by live performance alongside a puppet show for kids, and thanks to Kuwait Riders a huge amount of Harley Davison bikers will wear POD T-Shirts and drive from Al Bidaa’ to Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) where the event is happening. We want POD Kuwait to be an interactive social event for everyone!

It started big, went small and almost vanished at a point, then grew again and now it is bigger than we all imagined! POD – Kuwait is not only a charity event, we aim to show the world that Kuwait can be part of international peaceful movements, Kuwait as part of the troubled Middle East can demonstrate peace, Muslims and Arabs can demonstrate peace, we want the West to see and understand we are not all terrorists or we wouldn’t promote for peace-calling event… We also aim to show that culture can demonstrate peace strongly, by bringing together art and music  – something Kuwait was very famous for – not with destruction or violence. We intentionally have a variety of artworks by different artists, to show that our variety and difference can always be a source of unity & strength not hate & conflict! We want the world to see what we got and we will show them!

I only hope not only art & music lovers  people but everyone who calls for peace regardless of who they are or what they stand for and believe in, to attend the one day event, take part of it, be there and support the cause. This year POD aims to establish a Global Truce Day where all militants & army forces drop down their weapons for one day.

What do I gain?! Nothing … I only believed in something bigger than selfishness, and worked hard with a group of people to make it real. This is something for Kuwait, for its culture, for the younger generation to believe in their dreams work hard for it and enjoy it when achieve it. Nothing is impossible especially when you have genuine intentions in it …”

Kuwaiti Artist Amira Behbehani

September  6th, 2012


You are cordially invited to attend Peace One Day Global Truce 2012 Art Exhibition on Friday 21st September at CAP (Contemporary Art Platform) next to Life Centre, Shuwaikh, from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. The event welcomes adults and children and includes art, music, and other entertainment. All proceeds go to charity to promote peace in the region and the world. We hope you will be a part of our peace movement.

One thing I should clarify here is Peace One Day POD is not operated or works under the United Nations, it is only accredited by UN in order to legally proceed and execute international peace-promoting events & activities.

For more information on POD – Kuwait, click here.


Cheers for the hardworking, strong and inspiring team who worked for years to make a peaceful dream come true. Thank you! 

Al Mahha Art Blog

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    very informative,,thank you

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