Mark Your Calendar for December

Athr Gallery

Mohammed Tlemat, Untitled, mixed media, 75x85cm
Mohammed Tlemat, Untitled, mixed media, 75x85cm

What‘From Syria With Love’, a major overview of Modern to contemporary artists in a new exhibition that demonstrates the breadth and diversity of the country’s artistic history. The exhibition features artworks by Abdullah Murad, Ismail al Helou, Malva Omar Hamdi, Asad Arabi, Farouk Kondakji, Fadi Yazigi and Muhammad Tulaimat.

When: December 17, 2012  – January 10, 2013.

WhereAthr Gallery, Jeddah, KSA.

 Art Circle


Sculpture by May Abboud
Sculpture by May Abboud

What: “Clay Expressions” solo exhibition by ceramist May Abboud who explores the use of textures on her sculptures. Using a variety of fabrics, from netting to lace or other textured objects, she imprints onto the clay, and at times enhances the surface with a subtle color.

When: December 6, 2012 – January 10, 2013

Where: Art Circle, Beirut, Lebanon.

Ayyam Gallery – DIFC

Walid El-Masri ‘Chairs’  Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 X 150 cm. 2009.
Walid El-Masri ‘Chairs’ Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 X 150 cm.

What: ‘The Seat of Perception’, a solo exhibition of new works by Lebanese artist Walid El-Masri who relentlessly examine a single material subject matter – a chair – treating it as a point of departure for greater investigations into the fundamental components of painting and perception, and as a vehicle for experiments in palette and composition.

When:  3 December until 31 December 2012.

Where: Ayyam Gallery – DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

XVA Gallery

Rameshwar Broota, Between the Lines, 2010
Rameshwar Broota, Between the Lines, 2010

WhatTraces of Man – A Solo Show by Rameshwar Broota well known throughout the MENASA region, and internationally, for his artistic oeuvre, which includes paintings, video and photography. The exhibition features best of Broota’s photographic archive alongside a rare oil on canvas work from 1999, titled ‘Traces of Man – The Unknown Soldier – I’.

When: 5 December 2012 – 31 January 2013

Where: XVA – DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

Gallery Tilal

inv_cardface (1) final

What: ‘Art Mania’ is a collective exhibition where galleries and collectors offer a variety of artworks at affordable prices. This exhibitions aims to encourage art lovers to start and collect art pieces by established and emerging artists.

When: 3 – 13 December 2012.

Where: Gallery Tilal, Kuwait.

Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Leila Jabre Jureidini 'Stitch' bronze & stainless steel, 24 x 24 x 25 cm.
Leila Jabre Jureidini ‘Stitch’ bronze & stainless steel, 24 x 24 x 25 cm.

What: ‘Fragments’ a solo show by lebanese artist Leila Jabre Jureidini exhibiting her Sculptures, paintings & other works of art.

When: 5 – 28 December, 2012.

Where: Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut, Lebanon.

 Sana Gallery

From Rania Matar 'Bedroom' Series
From Rania Matar ‘Bedroom’ Series

What: ‘Ordinary Lives:  Women of the Middle East’ a solo exhibition by lebanese photographer Rania Matar, focus of this distinguished body of work is on women and children in the Middle East, contrasting the image of the region in the media (bombings, terrorism, kidnappings) with the fact that the large majority of the inhabitants are ordinary people going on with their everyday lives.

On the following day of opening, the gallery hosts a talk by Matar in association with Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore moderated by Charlotte Schriwer, Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore. 6th of December at 7 to 8:30 pm followed by an evening of cocktail. Kindly RSVP.

When: 5 December 2012 to 27 January 2013.

Where: Sana Gallery, 12 Blair road, Singapore.


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