Janet Rady Focus of December: Sabhan Adam

For the 3rd month respectively, Janet Rady Fine Art annonce  ‘Artist Focus’. For December, the gallery choose renowned Syrian artist Sabhan Adam (b.1972) who exhibited in poineer galleries in the Middle East such as Art Space – Dubai in 2007 & Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut in 2012. Adam’s work is aquired by international museums and venues including the British Museum and appeared regularly at auctions.

“Since my birth and up to date, I feel dizzy and disgusted from the black human history which is full up with blood, wars, hypocrisy, exploitation, inhuman relationships, adding the differences among religions, nationalities and ideologies. Drawing is the medicine for my ill soul and it is the source of  its purification. My aim is still contemplative, peaceful and innocent with crystal presence on this earth”.

Sabhan Adam

Sabhan Adam 'Untitled' Mixed media on canvas210 x 157 cm, 2005.
Sabhan Adam ‘Untitled’ Mixed media on canvas 210 x 157 cm, 2005.


Each month Art Focus by Janet Rady Fine Art features a different artist and highlights a significant work not appearing on our website, for exclusive sale. For more information on this painting or others, contact gallery here.

Now in its fifth successful year, Janet Rady Fine Art represents a wide range of cutting edge Contemporary Arab and Iranian artists as well as International artists whose work references the Middle East.

Janet Rady Fine Art website.

Sabhan Adam website.


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