Singapore Art Feast #2

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This week we took a look round the galleries at the new arts hub in Singapore, Gillman Barracks. Whilst a little out of the way, its well worth a visit to the area to see a lot of interesting art in one place. It’s a great local and international mix, featuring both emerging and established artists. This week’s visit seemed to be themed by capturing light quality, plus the use of lines and dots.

Top picks:

At The Drawing Room gallery, we saw many exciting pieces by artists from the Philippines:

IMG_1281IMG_1280At the Drawing Room Gallerydrawing-roompassagealfredo-and-isabel-aquilizan2

At the Tomio Koyama gallery, we were drawn into the wonderful and complex paintings of Zhao Xuebing that you can see below. “Central Park” is a series of work featuring the woods and undergrowth of New Yorks famed green area. At a glance, the contours in the paintings are blurry and the edges seem to be like ink spreading on…

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  1. Thanks very much for the re-blog. Let me know if you ever come to Singapore and we can take in an art feast together. Best, Nicola

    1. moushie says:

      Lovely! Enjoyed reading the post and sure my readers will 🙂 lets keep in touch. Cheers, Mashaael

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