Mark Your Calendar For February

Ayyam Gallery Jeddah

Profile Portraits

Mohannad Orabi ‘Profile Picture’ 80 X 60 cm. Mixed Media on Canson Paper, 2012

What: Now taking over Jeddah, Ayyam Gallery invites you to the opening of its’ new gallery & attend Syrian artist Mohannad Orabi solo exhibition ‘Profile Portraits’ to celebrate the launch of Ayyam Jeddah. The works included in ‘Profile Portraits’ were all created after Orabi was forced to leave his home country, taking on a new poignancy in light of the fact that the artist must now communicate with friends and loved ones through social media out of necessity rather than choice. Each face in the Profile Portrait series is partially obscured by a curtain of dots or circles; Orabi uses this patterned layer to create a barrier between one face and another, and between viewer and subject, echoing the glassy barrier of the computer screen when flicking through an endless stream of online images.

Perview:  27 February 2013, 6-8pm.

Duration:  27 February – 11 April 2013

WhereAyyam Gallery Jeddah.

Muneera AlSharhan

Solo Exhibition

By Muneera AlSharhan

What: Talented young Kuwaiti artist, Muneera AlSharhan is holding her first solo show on Contemporary Jewelry. AlSharhan will also present latest pieces from “Mukani Series”, an ongoing project where the artist explores her relationship with her country Kuwait through jewelry.  Muneera Al Sharhan is a Rhode Island School of Design Graduate with a BFA in Jewelry and MetalSmithing.

Perview: Sunday, Feruary 10th, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Duration: From 10 – 12 Feb. 2013

WhereBayt Lothan, Kuwait.

Contemporary Art Platform

Design Stories – CAP & Bokja Collaboration

Design by Bokja

What: As part of regional outreach tour around the Middle East, Fair Director of Design Days Dubai Cyril Zammit will talk about the  modern and contemporary pieces to be shown at Design Days Dubai, the only design fair in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as an overview on it. Open for public &  free of charge.

This year and exclusively during Design Days Dubai 2013, CAP will be showing Bokja designs with a new series done in collaboration with Wyssem Nochi,  title “The Seven Stages of the Heart”. Bokja contributions and sales in Design Days Dubai 2013 will go to support CAP’s educational programs.

When: Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 PM

WhereContemporary Art Platform CAP, Kuwait.

Hosfelt Gallery


Driss Ouadahi 'Ainsi Soit Elle' Oil on canvas.180 x 200cm.
Driss Ouadahi ‘Ainsi Soit Elle’ Oil on canvas.180 x 200cm.

What: Hosfelt Gallery will present 17 new paintings by Algerian artist Driss Ouadahi in his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. This exhibition of new paintings consists primarily of views from high-rise structures. The scenes are familiar – ringed by multi-story office or condominium buildings – but unidentifiable. They could depict Hong Kong, New York, Dubai or any of dozens of international financial centers.

Perview: Saturday 2 February, 4-6 pm

Duration: 2 February – 23 March 2013

Where: Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco.

Art on 56th

Women In Canvas

Artwork by Tarek Butayhi, Acrylic on Canvas, 2012.
Artwork by Tarek Butayhi, Acrylic on Canvas, 2012.

What: Art on 56th invites you to solo exhibition of Tarek Butayhi ‘Women in Canvas’. The work is characterized by its expressive content and spontaneity and the figures of women are an essential aspect of his paintings. Butayhi breaks stereotypical constraints of women through distinct representations in his paintings.

Perview: Monday February 4, 2013 starting 6 pm.

Duration:  February 4 to February 23, 2013.

Where: Art on 56th Gallery, Beirut.  

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP)

Body Variances


What: Body Variances presents five European sculptors exposing the discrepancy of human body, its relation and interaction with surroundings; other bodies, people, news, music… etc. and depicting body’s reactions toward psychological & emotional experiences of self conflicts or inner peace. Curated by Mark Hashem in collaboration with (CAP), the selected sculptors: Anne De Vilemejane, Arman, Martin C. Herbst, Mauro Corda and Polles depict in over forty sculptures how they view our body’s different reactions and actions on daily matters and sudden happenings in five different contemporary visions and approaches.

Perview: Monday February 4, 2013 From 7 – 9 PM

Duration:  February 4 –  March 4, 2013.

Where:  Contemporary Art Platform CAP, Kuwait.

Gallery Tilal

Art Bait

inv_cardface (1)

What: A rich addition to the world of house design.. All objects exhibited are engulfed with beauty & high taste.. This exhibition reveals a particular creativity & vision.. An experience that will charm the viewer by the originality of ideas and excellence of execution.

Perview: February 4th, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Duration: February 4th – 6th, 2013.

Where: Gallery Tilal, Kuwait.

 Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Alphabet of Reality

Artwork by Jamil Molaeeb
Artwork by Jamil Molaeeb

What: Galerie Janine Rubeiz presents Jamil Molaeb solo exhibition ‘Alphabet of Reality’ presenting his new series of paintings inspired by the landscapes he sees in the mountains of Lebanon and other sceneries from the traditional life of different Arab communities. Molaeb depicts in his own way the villages, cities, fields and the people in their daily life.

Perview: Wednesday February 6, 2013 Starting 6:00 pm

Duration:  6 to 26 February 2013

Where: Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut.

Gallery 6

Encrypted Satires

Artwork by Tassaduq Sohail
Artwork by Tassaduq Sohail

What: Gallery 6 presents solo exhibition  contemporary distinguished painter Tassaduq Sohail ‘Encrypted Satries’.  Being a short story writer also, he has ability to say a lot in a limited space. His work is primarily narrative, and is laden with symbols. Trees, caves, old castles, fish, mermaids, nudes, bearded men often appear in his paintings which gives them depth and meaning.

Perview: Saturday 02 February 2013 at 5 pm.

Duration: From February 2 – 14, 2013.

Where: Gallery 6, Islamabad.

Hamazkayin Art Gallery

Collective Exhibition


What: The Hamazkayin Art Gallery invites you to the opening reception of our new collective exhibition. We are presenting the works of different Lebanese artists: Charles Khoury, Lamis Rammal, Sleiman Dia, Mouhammad Abdallah, Mansour El Habre, Mona Ezzedine.

Perview: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

Duration: February 13 –  March 5, 2013 .

WhereThe Hamazkayin Art Gallery, Beirut.

XVA Gallery


Anish Kapoor 'Untitled' Gouache and pencil on paper, 42x30 cm, 1994
Anish Kapoor ‘Untitled’ Gouache and pencil on paper, 42×30 cm, 1994

What: ‘Paper’ is a collective exhibition brings together works by five contemporary artists which truly reflect the theme of paper. Considering this traditional art form in a contemporary manner, works by Anish Kapoor, Walid Siti, Imran Channa, Mohsen Ahmadvand & Debjani Bhardwaj have been brought together. Each of these artists uses this medium to express their concerns and interests.

Perview:  Feb 4 from 6-9 pm.

Duration: Feb 4 – March 14, 2013.

Where:  XVA Gallery in DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

Ayyam Gallery

The Seat of Perception II

Walid El-Masri 'Chairs' 120 X 120 cm Mixed Media on Canvas, 2009
Walid El-Masri ‘Chairs’ 120 X 120 cm Mixed Media on Canvas, 2009

What: Ayyam Gallery Beirut is pleased to announce ‘The Seat of Perception’, a solo exhibition of new works by Lebanese artist Walid El-Masri. With his dynamic canvases, El-Masri explores and reinterprets the form of the chair, taking it as a point of departure for an investigation into the act of painting itself, which he describes as a condensing of a greater reality.

Perview: Thursday, 21 February at 7pm

Duration:  21 February – 4 April 2013.

WhereAyyam Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.



Still Running

Art Circle: Gallery Collection (Group Show) until Feb 15

Experimenter:  Hajra Waheed  ‘Sea Changes’ until Mar 2

Ayyam Gallery Beirut: Lara Zankoul ‘Depth’ until Feb 15

Ayyam Gallery DIFC: Farzad Kohan ‘Passage of Time’ until Feb 28

Ayyam Art Center (Al Qouz): Ammar Al Beik ‘Boya Boya’ until Feb 22

Ayyam Gallery London: Nadim Karam ‘Shooting the Cloud’ until Mar 9

Cuadro Fine Art: Contemporary Art From Pakistan, until Feb 9

Lahad Gallery: Suhair Sibai  ’Sweet Melancholy’ until Mar 6

Athr Gallery: Manal AlDowayan ‘A Journey of Belonging’ until Feb 15

The Ara Gallery: Saleh Al Shukairi ‘Letters of Gold’ until Mar 9

Dar Al Funoon: Hassan Massoudy & Lassad Metoui, until Feb 21

Green Art Gallery: ZSOLT BODONI ‘King Gives Us Soldiers’ until Mar 3

FA GalleryShida Azari (solo exhibition) until Feb 10

Leila Heller:  Gayle Wells Mandle and Julia Mandle ‘ Game II’ until Feb 16

JOANNA SEIKALY: Nijad Abdul Massih ‘Looking for the next Sofia’ until Feb 15


Don’t forget to check on Mark Your Calendar Page for updates during the month.


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