Call For Artists in the Name of Peace

Artwork by Shady Al Hadi in POD 2012. Courtesy to artist.
Artwork by Shady Al Hadi in POD 2012. Courtesy to artist.

After the massive success of Peace One Day event which was held for the first time in the region and Kuwait last year, The Art Salon & Contemporary Art Platform announce the second edition of Peace One Day in September 2013 & call artists to take part of the peaceful festive!

As announced in The Art Salon page:

Call for artists..
The Art Salon returns this year for another event that will raise awareness for peace throughout the world.

The event, In The Name Of Peace, is an art exhibition whereby half the proceeds will go to a charity and will take place on the 15th of September 2013 at Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait, at 6pm.

Art Categories:

  • Visual Art & Digital Art, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Installation, Sculpture.
  • Criteria: No scenes involving cruelty, aggression, offensive words.
  • No scenes in graveyards or any religious involvement.
  • Artwork must be approved by Amira Behbehani, Shurooq Amin and Abed Abed Al Kadiri and the judges reserve the right to reject any artwork they see unfit to participate, be it based on criteria, size, subject matter, or even quality.
  • Size: Not more than 120 cm for paintings. For sculpture or installation, please discuss size and weight with the judges.
  • Price: Works should be priced between KD150 to KD 800 maximum.

Please email your information along with pictures of your work and mobile number to any one of the following team members if you are interested to participate:
Amira Behbehani:
Shurooq Amin
Abed Kadiri :

Deadline for handing in artworks: June 30th 2013.

Thank you
In the name of Peace xx

Don’t hesitate in participating, it’s an open call and an oppertunity to show that Art in not only decorative, but also can hold powerful message of change!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. – What for is the charity under the event “Inthe name of peace”?
    – Helping Peace support organizations?
    – Where are you doing with “the rest half of non-charity works”?
    – Are you sending back works to artists after the show?

    Interesting exhibition, but handling is uncler in details.
    Please explain practical procedures.

    1. moushie says:

      All artworks sales will go to NGO called PeaceOneDay, if artwork is not sold it will go back to artist,, for more info you can contact the organizers email listed in post

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