Five Continents in One City… Beirut!

Vasilios Paspalis Untitled, 2013 Digital Drawing, unique 145 x 145 cm. Courtesy xpo gallery
Vasilios Paspalis Untitled, 2013 Digital Drawing, unique 145 x 145 cm. Courtesy xpo gallery

The countdown of Beirut Art Fair (BAF) has started and I get to share with you all – before anyone else – the final participants in the boutique fair; presenting 47 galleries from five continents!

All the works on display attest as to the effervescence of contemporary artistic creation in the ME.NA.SA region. This diversity of trends mirrors the artistic ferment which renders the art world vibrant across the globe. Moreover, BEIRUT ART FAIR allows the discovery of artists inspired by their heritage and tumultuous history, creating works unburdened by the fuss of globalization, fashion trends and the star system.

The highlight of this year is the participation of Southeast Asia for the first time.  Our departure point was the noted interest of the Arab World towards this region, and vice-versa, through museum exhibitions, artists exhibited in galleries, etc…”

Laure d’Hauteville.

Therefore, 9 galleries from Southeastern Asia are honored in a pavilion curated by Richard Koh. In this pavilion, Indonesia is represented by Vivi Yip Art Room, Umahseni Gallery and Gallery Rachel, the Philippines are represented by Blanc Gallery and Finale Art File, Singapore is represented by Art Seasons Gallery, Chan Hampe Gallery and Richard Koh Fine Art, Thailand is represented by Gallery D-9.

B.A.F 2013 Participants List

27 From the MIDDLE EAST:

  • Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  • Al Mohtaraf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Art Circle (Lebanon)
  • Art Factum Gallery (Lebanon)
  • Art on 56th (Lebanon)
  • L’Atelier 85 (Lebanon)
  • Bokja  (Lebanon)
  • Karen Chekerdjian Studio (Lebanon)
  • Aïda Cherfan Fine Art (Lebanon)
  • Nada Debs (Lebanon)
  • Emmagoss Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  • Galerie Janine Rubeiz (Lebanon)
  • Galerie Tanit (Germany- Lebanon)
  • Mark Hachem Gallery (France/Lebanon)
  • Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  • Rima Khatib designart (Lebanon)
  • Samer Kozah Gallery (Syria-lebanon)
  • L.A.S (Lebanon)
  • Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery (Lebanon)
  • OUNOVIS by  baalcreations (Lebanon)
  • Les Plumes (Lebanon)
  • Smogallery ( Lebanon)
  • South Border (Lebanon )
  • Tajalliyat Art Gallery (Syria)
  • Raffi Tokatlian …… (Lebanon) en attente
  • XVA Gallery (U.A.E)


  • Galerie Bouillon d’Art (France)
  • Galerie Sophie Lanoë (France)
  • Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt (France)
  • JK Art (France)
  • Le Douze (France)
  • Caroline Pagès (Portugal)
  • The SK8ROOM (Belgium)
  • T. Galerie Bubble Art (France)
  • XPO Gallery (France)


  • Jennifer Norback Fine Art (U.S.A)
  • Laura Arce Art Gallery (Venezuela)


  • Art Seasons Gallery (Singapore)
  • Blanc Gallery (Philippines)
  • Chan Hampe Galleries (Singapore)
  • Finale Art File (Philippines)
  • Gallery D-9 (Thaïland)
  • Gallery Rachel (Indonesia)
  • Richard Koh Fine Art Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Umahseni Gallery (Indonesia)
  • Vivi Yip Art Room (Indonesia)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for this! Amazed SEA galleries would be @ BAF, especially those from Spore. And BAF bringing the fair to Spore next year!

  2. Sumerian Bedor says:

    This is so wonderful! I really wish I could attend one of those events someday! For some reason, I feel that the Middle East is full of so much passion of incredible artistic events and there’s so much to learn and be proud of, really! Thank you for for the good posts and news you are sharing with us.

    Good wishes always 🙂

    Sumerian Bedor

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