Design Days Dubai Brings Sociopolitics Designs to Life

Tom Price 'PP TREES' (2011) Industry Gallery, DC. Courtesy to artist.
Tom Price ‘PP TREES’ (2011) Industry Gallery, DC. Courtesy to artist.

The leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects, Design Days Dubai returns for the third year to push the boundaries of modern and contemporary design through the presence of innovative installation works, and live performances. Taking place from March 17 – 21 2014, Design Days Dubai will represent many cultures and techniques from UK, China, USA, Chile, Switzerland, Canada, bringing visitors to the world’s most diverse design fair one step closer to some of the industry’s leading designers, installations from creators Tom Price, Michael Anastassiades, Giles Miller Studio, Benjamin Muzzin, and Elaine NG Yanling will blend digital and organic ideas, together with live performances from Chen Chen and Kai Williams, and gt2p (Great Things to People).

'Lounge' Courtesy to Nakkash Gallery
‘Lounge’ Courtesy to Nakkash Gallery
Giller Miller Studio. Courtesy to DDD
Giller Miller Studio. Courtesy to DDD

Design Days Dubai Highlights

Upon entering Design Days Dubai, visitors will encounter The Obsessive Drafter (below), fully designed, programmed, and manufactured by Guillaume Crédoz and Nareg Karaoghlanian, this tech-art robotic arm installation made of 3D Printed parts, will be drawing designs onto the entrance wall – and will even be able to sketch a personal portrait of those visiting. This first design experience welcoming guests to the fair represents the ground-breaking design ideas, installations, and live performances which are to come, in the exhibition hall.

The fair will again give visitors a place to sit and absorb the fair, this time in the shade of Tom Price’s ‘PP Trysting Tree’, presented in cooperation with the British Council, as the result of many pieces of polypropylene pipe shaped into branches with blossom.

‘Light sculptures Castor and Pollux’ by Giles Miller Studio utilizes texture and light to create impact with shadow and reflection, while designer Michael Anastassiades has teamed up with marble specialist Henraux to create ‘Marble Chips’ – a series of elegant, hand-made marble pieces that hark back to the movement of cellophane fortune-telling fish.

Guillaume Credoz and Nareg Karaoghlanian 'The Obsessive Drafter'. Courtesy to artists.
Guillaume Credoz and Nareg Karaoghlanian ‘The Obsessive Drafter’. Courtesy to artists.


Benjamin Muzzin
Benjamin Muzzin


While exploring the Design Days Dubai exhibition hall, visitors will be able to discover three live performances taking place on-site, where they can see the physical creation of ideas in real time. ‘Flowstone’, by duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams, will shine a light on scrap materials left behind by man, through the creation of vessels by a cleverly-developed dripping cement technique. Four-person design team from Chile, Gt2p (Great Things to People), will be developing ‘LESS CPP’ at the fair; a project that explores the idea of how to create standard machines that generate non-standard results. Finally, presented in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Netherlands, Rolf Bruggink (Studio will be transforming saucers into a seat, using concrete composed of coloured sands from the desert, and local ceramics – allowing the audience to see the several stages of creation during the fair.

Bringing forward-thinking design to the region, the installation works will complement the Design Days Dubai line-up of 33 galleries from 20 countries exhibiting works, as well as the enhanced public programme of talks, panels and workshops with design experts and industry leaders, which has been developed with the support of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and d3 Dubai Design District.

Nisreen Abu Dail, Palestinian Stream, Photographed by Nabil Qoteneh, Courtesy: Naqsh Design House
Nisreen Abu Dail, Palestinian Stream, Photographed by Nabil Qoteneh, Courtesy: Naqsh Design House

Design Days Dubai, to take place during the city’s Art Week, will be returning to the prestigious location of The Venue, next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Downtown Dubai. Follow their social media activities through:

Twitter: @DesignDaysDubai

Giles Miller Studio
Giles Miller Studio


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