Zineb Sedira’s NOW at the National Galleries of Scotland


Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One), Edinburgh, Scotland | 1 June – 22 September, 2019

Zineb Sedira participates in the fifth installment of the group exhibition NOW, a dynamic three-year programme of exhibitions at the National Galleries of Scotland.

Zineb uses photography, film and installations to explore language, memory and history. In NOW, Zineb exhibits a selection of photographs from her Sugar Routes and Sugar Surfaces series, which highlight the massive scale of the sugar industry by exploring the way sugar is produced, distributed and consumed. These images, which show new ‘landscapes’ – mountains of sugar in siloes and warehouses – will be exhibited alongside cast-sugar sculptures which touch on the dark history of human displacement, slave labour and colonisation that underlie this global business. 
Opening: 1 June 
Open daily, 10AM-5PM 
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art