Amir Arsalan Sharifi “Entrance” at Etemad Gallery

“Space” from its human perspective, has always been one considered as one of
the most intriguing and mysterious topics. Man is continuously on the move to
no avail; and it is the artist, who through the power of imagination, creates these
other spaces.

“Entrance” is the title of this forthcoming series by Amir Arsalan Sharifi from January 28 to February 13. The configurations of space in these works are a combination of imagination and equations of objective reality, such as geometry and light, where they change the audiences’ approach
and attitude towards issues giving them a sense of peace and tranquility.

Courtesy of Etemad Gallery.
Courtesy of Etemad Gallery.

Light plays a major role in these scenes and emphasizes reasoning and rational judgement of events ahead; it passes through the dark corners of the mind leading Amir Arsalan Sharifi to the formation and creation of his current series which differs entirely from his last.

Summoning these forms is not something that is possible with mere expression
of words. They do not inherently block the perception of any concept, but their
impulsiveness lies in their simple and mysterious form, and this is exactly how
they activate thought.

Courtesy of Etemad Gallery.