TAM Gallery Announce a Collective of Fantastic News for Art Lovers in Egypt

TAM Gallery, the largest multi-platform art organization; comprising of both online and offline galleries, has exciting news for art lovers in Egypt! Whether you’re a collector, artist or art fanatic there’s something for you at TAM Gallery. So set tight and enjoy this ride!

New Artists Joining TAM Gallery Family!

Four artists joins the growing family of TAM Gallery; Ahmed Abdel Fattah, Alia Eissa, Elham Saadalla and Nour Ammar.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah’s artistic experience takes different dimensions of contemporary realism in which he connects between realism, abstraction and harmony. His position in the art world encapsulates a vision where surrounding notions have little influence on his work. Throughout his work, he aims to create an abstract yet spontaneous framework of reality. He believes that an artist must contemplate the depths of their surroundings, in order to better perceive and express them.

Alia Eissa. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

Alia Eissa has roots in the countryside, specifically in El Bahira governorate, where she found her initial inspiration in nature and rural life. As time progressed Alia focused on painting symbols and abstract objects resembling those of hieroglyphics drawings. Her work is also influenced by the Ancient Egyptian life, specifically the stories of the Ancient Egyptians’ daily life inscribed on the ceilings and walls of Saqqara Tombs; some of which are still are still practiced in the countryside.

Elham Saadalla. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

Elham Saadalla channels her emotional expression throughout her pieces. She is greatly inspired by her love to travel and has implemented various elements from artistic genres she witnessed throughout. She continues to enrich her talent and imagination through a variety of widely expressed interest in mastering numerous forms of art. Furthermore, Elham has augmented her skills through different styles and mediums including mosaic arts, stained glass, silk and glass paintings.

Nour Ammar. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

Nour Ammar creates from a place of radical experimentation – building a piece from her own confusion and curiosity, finding shapes within shapes, distinguishing through outline, color, and texture. The process is frustrating and unforgiving, but she freely adds and removes layers of paint, acknowledging both the freedom to saturate the canvas, and accepting the permanence of the marks that have already been made from random shape and form comes meaning.


If you’re looking to be in awe of nature’s beauty and feel its peace and serenity inside your home or office, look no further! We have curated a special collection of landscape and urban landscape pieces in different styles and sizes for you to choose from!

Pancé Ahmed. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Aliaa Bishr. Courtesy of TAM Gallery
Yassin Harraz. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Lina Mowafy. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Sayed Hewaidy. Courtesy of TAM Gallery
Mohamed Rabie. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

Chief Curator Picks

Browse this month’s top picks selected by Gallery Director and Chief Curator Lina Mowafy! Discover special pieces and choose art you love!

Mostafa Nabawy. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Halla Shafey. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Abdel Fattah El Badry. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Alaa Abul Hamd. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.
Ali Hassan. Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

TAM Gallery is Coming to New Cairo

Courtesy of TAM Gallery.

TAM Gallery is very excited to be opening our 5th and newest location in New Cairo soon! With gallery venues in Abu Rawwash, North Coast, El Gouna and Mall of Arabia and very soon in District5 in New Cairo, TAM.Gallery (The Arts-mart Gallery) is considered to be the biggest art organization and the first and largest online gallery for contemporary Egyptian art in the region.

Spread Over 1000 square meters, our upcoming two storey gallery will be dedicated to the largest collection of prominent and emerging art by over 500 of Egypt’s best-loved artists all year round!

About TAM Gallery

In 2012, The concept for TAM.Gallery (Formerly The Arts-Mart Gallery) was developed as a virtual and physical space that bridged the gap between the growing network of talented contemporary artistslooking for a new platform to sell and promote their work, and consumers interested in experiencing and buying unique contemporary art.

With an inventory of over 7000 art pieces and a continuously expanding portfolio of over 500 contemporary Egyptian artists, TAM.Gallery (Formerly The Arts-Mart Gallery) is the largest multi-platform art organization; comprising of both online and offline galleries, an exhibition space and an exciting art events venue.

http://www.tam.gallery is the first and biggest online art gallery in Egypt and the Middle East, and its physical counterpart is Cairo’s largest art space.