Are You Ready to Experience Art Freely?! Don’t Miss 3031 Art Festival at Darb1718

Darb1718 Contemporary Art and Cultural Center is pleased to announce its upcoming relaunch event, 3031 Art Festival, scheduled to take place from 4-12 March, 2022. This unique 9-day event brings together Cairo’s contemporary art community with the general public for a one-of-a-kind celebration of multi-disciplinary art and culture. The festival will include an eclectic display of visual art available for browsing and purchasing as well as live music, theater and dance performances, interactive workshops, and art talks delivered by leading experts in Egypt’s contemporary art world.

“The festival aims to engage, support, and encourage Cairo’s art community, establish a network of collaboration for both renowned and rising artists, and reintroduce audiences to the long-lost importance of an aesthetic experience,”

Motaz Nasr El Deen, Founder of Darb1718.

Somewhere along the lines of the entry into the new world, when humans were forced to social distance, they collaterally ‘creative distanced,’ as well. Art, in all its forms was reduced into minute-long videos and appreciated through taps on small screen. While the happenings of the world opened gateways for some into the inner-world of self- and talent-discovery, 3031 Art Festival aims to create space for the discoverers to freely express the latter and allows the viewers to experience it.


About Darb1718

Darb1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center is situated in the midst of historic Old Cairo. Since its founding in 2008 Darb1718 has been a quintessential force in the contemporary art and culture scene in Egypt.

Our facilities include a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that have been home to art exhibitions and cultural events from a wide range of disciplines.

The space houses two art exhibition spaces, theater, dance and concert stages, an outdoor cinema for independent film, open gardens, and rooftops. Our own artist residency space also offers a home to international artists and curators from around the world. The center’s diverse array of workshops helps train and mentor emerging artists and provides them a space to exhibit their work alongside their more established peers.

Darb1718 is a melting pot of ideas connecting Egyptian artists from different walks of life to local and international scenes—ultimately forming the nucleus of the country’s contemporary art world. But these initiatives would not be whole without engaging the surrounding Fustat community in the middle of the Pottery Village in the work that we do.

Darb1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center Kasr El Shamaa Street

Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo

Behind the Hanging Church and Amr Mosque