From Egypt to Kuwait With Love

Ayman Loutfy

14 artists brought their creativity from the country of determination & revolution, Egypt, to Kuwait in (Familiar Features.. Between Reality and Myth) group exhibition hosted by FA Gallery.

Essam Marouf

The exhibition which featured artworks by Adel AlSiwi, Mohammad Abla, Essam Marouf, Khaled Hafez,  Marwa Adel, Mai Rafky, Sameh Esmael, Essam Darwish, Khaled Zaki, Mohamed Ardash, Armen Agob, Haitham Nawwar, Atef Ahmad and Ayman Loutfy, comprises a collection of over 30 tableaux that pave the way for a world of interpretations where each artist builds his own space; sometimes supported by his color or camera or by the mold of his sculpture.

Haytham Nawar
Spotted! Amira Bahbahani & Lucia Topalian Mohammed Abla

Varied between paintaings, photography & sculptures; (Familiar Features) were eye-catching! Some reflect a mirror to one’s soul, others combine imagination & vision to hit reality. All tableaux are beautiful in a shocking mesmerizing way.

Atef Ahmed
Khaled Hafez

2 Comments Add yours

  1. salem says:

    Love the accurate details on Ayman Loutfy painting,,

    Khaled Hafez painting saying much more than what it showing

    1. moushie says:

      Honestly, the details & the whole of Ayman’s artwork made me feature it without seconds thoughts!
      And can’t say a word on khaled hafez work .. Hehe I am a big fan and when I saw it there I was simply happy 🙂

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