Safwan Dahoul Shares “A Real Dream” in Dubai

(Dream 51) Acrylic on Canvas

One of the pioneer artists in the region, Safwan Dahoul is exhibiting his solo show (A Real Dream) in  Ayyam Art Center, Dubai in November 2. (A Real Dream) will feature several new paintings highlighting a recent breakthrough in the artist’s (Dream) series, a large body of work that he began in 1982.

(Dream 50) Acrylic on Canavas

(A Real Dream) will contain the next chapter of this long-held narrative. Whereas the girl’s disappearance in the work Dream 42 (2011) could be understood as her final transcendence of a stifling world, her reemergence in such paintings as Dream 48 and 50, show her return as a sort of angel above the night sky of Damascus. Descending upon the city, she watches over it closely with a wide-eye stare. This role as witness is further enunciated in the subsequent painting Dream 51, in which her eye is given a small pair of wings, suggesting the ability to soar above what she might see. Although she is once again imprisoned in the work Dream 52, this time behind a visible screen, these newly acquired wings have changed her forever, hinting at a new found empowerment.

(Dream 52) Acrylic on Canvas

Mark Your Calendar!

Where: The Ayyam Art Center, Al Quoz, Dubai. UAE
When: From November 2 until November 30

Don’t only mark your calendar! STAY TUNED because Al Maha will be at the opening of (A Real Dream) keeping you in the loop of the event!


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