Abdullah AlSaab .. If You Can’t Change, Inspire!

Visiting (Beyond Movement) exhibition, a collaboration between designer Abdullah Al Saab, artist Shurooq Amin & photographer Bader Al Bassam; I knew there is a story worth to be told & shared behind every beautiful feminine dress, edgy cuts shirts and texture harmony in shorts. Al Maha met the person behind it all, Abdullah AlSaab who refuse to describe himself as a “fashion designer” but a “fashion with vision”! AlSaab reveals to Al Maha exclusively the story behind (Beyond Movements) & the inspiration within.

Al Maha: Tell about the concept of Beyond Movements?

Abdullah: Lets start talking about (Abdullah AlSaab) brand. It’s a new project, new approach in fashion which mix between designing and art. I always had passion for art & fashion, and to combine both together is something unbelievable for me! That is because I want to educate people about the Art industry.. Its so beautiful when you see a painting hanged, but when you see it moving it is even more beautiful! And when you see the touch of different artists in one moving piece that is awesome. The concept of (Abdullah AlSaab) is: I am not a fashion designer, I am a designer with a vision. I dont design a whole line, I design a vision! Each design has a story thus it is a piece of art. I implement a vision & combine it with a very understanding agreement between me and another artist to do something beyond art & clothes , materialistic things,

Speaking about my first collection (Beyond Movement); human movements inspired me. Whereas each person has a different move that defines their personality, no one can enforce one personality to everyone. We’re not talking about style, we’re talking about something in your mind that moves your body, the way you think and see yourself in the world. It was a challenge,,, if I can take a risk and come up with a collection that each piece is defined by the person who wears it, not the other way around. Each design went through many phases just to come up with the right cut , tailor, concept & match the vision inspired by human movements. I dressed it to a lot of people, see them move with it until i come with the perfect cut & say to myself “You know what? this is the one!”.

Leaf Effect Dress

Al Maha: What you’re saying is the final designs we see, each one of them went into a process where it had different cuts until it took the final shape?

Abdullah: Yes! That what makes it so special. You see, I want people to know it was not a tailored piece! Honestly, that’s how I see it because I want it to implement the vision I have to make sure it comes true. I don’t want to be a hypocrite by saying “I came up with an idea called Beyond Movement” but you don’t feel it, or it is not there! That’s when all designs will look the same no matter who wears them & that is not what I want or worked for. From the shapes, curves, gestures, to the way you dress your body. For example (Leaf Effect) -which is my masterpiece and was designed more than 5 times-  I made sure any woman who wears this dress will look so powerful, defines it with her own personality when you see here the only word you’ll say is “Wow!”.

Al Maha: Where does the artist stand in the designing process?!

Abdullah: The artist puts their own touches & vision on the designs! I shared the idea with Shurooq Amin last year on New Year & asked her if she was interested to collaborate with me. She was more than happy & very supportive and came up with the nature movement, that are reflected in her paintings on my designs. That is why it is called (Beyond Movements) of human and nature,

Take the (Garden of Love) dress for example. It is a story of a beautiful girl who is in love with a man but she is too shy to tell him, yet everywhere she goes she feels sh’e inside a (Garden of Love). When I told Shurooq the story behind this dress she came up with the garden colors of green & red. The understanding between the two of us was like an amazing journey!

Garden of Love

Al Maha: I noticed that each dress has a different name, different story written as poetry and different picture portraying it! How did you came up with this?

Abdullah: That is a good question! We have a lot of amazing people and to stand out between this wonderful crowd of talented people, you need to present something unique. The unique idea is there, it is a risk & as long as you took it, take it all the way to the end! It is an artistic fashion, an art couture and everything was done out of the box. Therefore; I made sure everything related to this project is out of the box! Starting with the idea, collaboration with an artist, the story behind each design, adding to it the photography part. Well I am not doing something regular so I didn’t want a regular fashion photo-shoot, I wanted to do an artistic photo-shoot. So I went to photographer Bader Al Bassam & discussed the project which he loved! Bader captured the emotions in each picture,

(Beyond Movement) says it all! I don’t want to do something that is already been seen or done; I wanted to do something unique, new & different.. In other words, if you can’t change; inspire.

Al Maha: You are adopting a sort of movement or campaign that says: Hey! You are unique your way, don’t be a copy/paste of someone else!” ..

Abdullah: Exactly! Each person is an individual who have his different personality. Everyone need to be in peace with themselves and in harmony with what they have. I made sure that my designs don’t seize who wears it, or limits their freedom. I want them to see themselves when they wear it & feel comfortable and beautiful as long as they are wearing it.


Beyond Movements is Beyond Art & Fashion


Al Maha: I noticed that there were unisex items.. In your future projects, will you focus on unisex or one gender designs?

Abdullah: Defiantly there will be more unisex & variety.  Hopefully the next artist I collaborate with will have more understanding thus more stories to be told in different designs. I want to make sure that my upcoming collections impress me first & others as well. But it is not all about me, it is about helping people get inspired & if you put something on your mind you will get it & make it happen! I see what I want in the future in front of me, I acknowledge it, walk to it but never jump to it!

Al Maha: What do you think will be a challenge with the next artist you will collaborate with?!

Abdullah: I got so inspired from different artists, yet didn’t find the next artist I want to work with. However,  I want to challenge myself to collaborate with a new artist the good  thing is each artist have a different vision philosophy, if you can mix between two creative minds you will have something beyond creativity itself.

Al Maha: How do you see (Abdullah AlSaab) brand growing?!

Abdullah: The project will expand & it is not limited in Kuwait. It is an educational project aims to educate people who are outside the Art industry. I am approaching it from a different angle which is fashion. I want the world to see that Kuwaitis can come up with something unique & creative.


Abdullah AlSaab

The reason why Al Maha loves (Abdullah AlSaab) is because the project is based on a philosophy, an artistic one. AlSaab’s designs are all based on different stories that were all worth to be told. Al Maha wishes the best of luck for Abdullah AlSaab in his future projects, that deserve all support & attention.


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