Mark Your Calendar for November



November has a lot going on in the art map! Al Maha collected them all to make it easier for you to Mark Your Calendar for November! Ready?!


1. Shyma’ Ashkanani ‘s (Zain Al Hayat)

What: (Zain Al Hayat) Solo Exhibition for Shyma’ Ashkanani

When: November 15 – 24

Where: Gallery Tilal, Shuwaikh. Kuwait

Don’t Miss! The opening cermony on November 14 at 7 PM

2. Maqamat Dance House November Scedual

What:  Jens Bjerregaard (Mancopy) for Takween Collective

When: November 12, 18 – 19

What: (Facing The Blank Page) Choreographed by Omar Rajeh, Music composed by Pablo Palacio

When: November 25 & 26

Where: Maqamat Dance House. Estral Center,  Beirut, Lebanon.

Info! Maqamat Theatre Dance is a Lebanese contemporary dance company that aims at establishing a platform for innovation, experimentation, and continuous development of contemporary dance culture in Lebanon and the Region.

3. The Satellite Broadcast Series

What: The 3rd installation for the Satellite Broadcast Series is created by Dubai/New York based media artist, James Clar, with his installation (Turbulence).

When: November 13 7 – 10 PM

Where: Al Serkal Gallery, Dubai. UAE

Info! Satellite Broadcasts give the opportunity to a selected artist or collective to create an engaging experience to the public through an installation or performance.

Soraya Sharghi.Untitled,acrylic on canvas 300×150 cm

4. Group Exhibition by Aaran Gallery

What: (Of Bullets And Blossoms) A selection by Behrang Samadzadeghan of Young artists.

When: November 11

Where: AAran Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran.

Info! Artists Participating are: Mona Agha Babaee- Tannaz Amin- Amir Bastan -Nahid Behbodian – Sepanta Ghassemkhani- Mohsen Mahmoudzadeh- Marziyeh Mansourivash- Hajar Naserizaker -Ghassem Rahimi- Soraya Sharghi .

5. Fear & Exotic Love in CAP!

What: (How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art) Group Exhibition

When: November 20 @ 7 PM

Where: Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Don’t Miss! (Meditative Calligraphy) Discussion Session hosted by Dr. Fareed Abdal from Kuwait University in December  1 & 10.


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