Muneera Al Rumaihi First Solo “Exhibition”

Muneera Al Rumaihi, Kuwaiti artist, exhibited her first solo exhibition “The Exhibition” -too many ‘exhibition’ in one sentence- in Bayt Lothan, Kuwait. “The Exhibition” featured 20 paintings where the artist combined between acrylic and collage techniques.

Born in January 1985 and graduated from Kuwait University majoring English Literature in 2007, Al Rumaihi developed her artistic skills by exploring different techniques and self educating to nourish her talent. She took Advanced Drawing / Oil Painting Course with one of Kuwait’s established artist Abdullah Al Jeran and although this is her first solo exhibition, she participated in group exhibitions latest was “Without Boundaries” in FA Gallery, May 2011, where everyone praised on the upcoming young artist.

In her latest, Al Rumaihi cascades her inner thoughts & feeling in woman’s body movement, each artwork tells a story “inspired by the human inner-self, political issues and social obligations” .



Al Maha on Muneera Al Rumaihi Artworks

First allow me to congratulate Muneera for taking this important step in her artistic life, the artworks were very well executed & displayed, it may seem easy but it is not to use collage in filling painting’s detail or as a major element. Contrast of background colors with featured object was done excellently. However, I felt she got stuck in finishing a piece, maybe had a vision but got too drifted between cascading it and  techniques resulting a sort of jam. There was a “shy” attempt of calligraphy which I feel we will see more of it as a major element in Muneera’s upcoming exhibitions.

My favorite was “Solitude”; a naked woman bending her head into her knees, wrapping herself with her arms, face covered with brown hair.. Perhaps hiding herself from the world, or deep thinking in fear, anxiety, happiness… You just don’t know what this woman is hiding in a total “Solitude”. It did remind me of Mona Rebeiz artworks. It shows time & dedication to complete it, simply loved it!

This is the first exhibition for Muneera Al Rumaihi but I hope it is not the last and we see more of such young talent not only exhibiting in Kuwait but also worldwide.


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  1. Frederick Wilcott says:

    That is some really beautiful work! I love her collage technique.

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