Mark Your Calendar for April

After the madness of March across the region, don’t think there is a rest in the Art scene! Here are list of activities, events & more to catch uo in April!

  • Transition at Laila Heller Gallery
Ran Hwang ‘Two Love Trees’ 2012 Medium: Buttons & pins on wood panel

What: Korean artist Ran Hwang first solo exhibition in New York will be on view at Leila Heller Gallery. Titled ‘Transitions’ using common, mass-produced fashion materials, Hwang creates striking works of art that transform and re-contextualize these everyday objects. Sparkling buttons, shimmering beads, and long spools of thread are affixed to wood panels with thousands of pins to form Buddhas, temples, urns, and plum blossoms—all iconic symbols of Zen Buddhism.

When: runs until April 27, 2012

Where: Leila Heller Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA.

  • First Solo Exhibition of Saira Ansari


What: Saria Ansari first solo exhibition in india titled ‘Conversations in Hyperreality’ which plays a “storyteller” role and creates a visual allegory of the existence of two very important ‘realities’ that conjoin to form a sense of apparent truths where irrational thoughts, repetitive ideas, and unrealistic fears loom and interweave to create an imaginary scaffolding of conversations.

When: April 25 – May 31, 2012

Where: EXPERIMENTER 2/1, Kolkata, India.

  • ‘The Speaker’s Progress’ Play by Kuwaiti Theater Director Sulayman Al Bassam!

What: Don’t miss out on ‘The Speaker’s Progress’, a play by Sulayman Al Bassam, Kuwait’s most important alternative theatre director who returns to  Egypt after an absence of more than a decade. The plat addresses issues relating to freedom of expression and the Arab Spring.

When: 13 April and 14 April 2012 at 8 PM (Egypt Time)

Where: Falaki Theatre, Downtown Cairo

Solo Exhibition by Abdul Rasool Salman at Gallery Tilal

What: One of Kuwait’s poineet artists & Head of Kuwait Formative Art Association, Abdul Rasool Salman will shpw his latest artworks in solo exhibition a comeout of his inner & reality experiences reflected on a the white surface.

When: From 15 – 26 April.

Where: Gallery Tilal, Kuwait.

  • ‘It’s No Longer About Me’ at Ayyam Gallery
Mohannad Orabi ‘s “It’s No Longer About Me” Mixed Media on Canvas, 2012.

What: ‘It’s No Longer About Me’, a solo show of Syrian artist, Mohannad Orabi. Featuring a new body of work by the rising painter, the forthcoming exhibition will present a shift in the artist’s subject matter and display an evident progression in stylistic rendering and a maturing of technique.

When: April 30 until June 16

Where: Ayyam Gallery DIFC, Dubai.

  • Maqamat Dance Theater

What: The 8th Edition of Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD) in partnership with BEITEDDINE FESTIVAL. (BIPOD) offers once again a rich international program of contemporary dance featuring renowned choreographers, companies, and artists from around the world.

When: 14th – 29th April 2012      

Where: Different location depends on the show, but the main 3 locations: Al Madina Theatre, Babel theatre (Maqamat DanceHouse) and The Hangar/Umam D&R (Metropolis Cinema).

For full program schedule visit:

  • Methods of the Madness at CAP

When: April 18 – May 9, 2012

Where: Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait (CAP).

  • “The Power of…” at Ayyam Gallery
‘Bloody Streets; The Manifestation of Power, Nabatiyeh, Lebanon’ 150 X 100 cm Photography on Archival Paper
What: This won’t be like any exhibition you have ever been to. In fact, going there does require courage! Lebanese photographer Mohamad Bader presents 2  photographic projections and 10 printed photographs taken during the 2011 Ashoura rituals in Nabatiyeh, south of Beirut in Lebanon alongside the actual tools employed by the participants in this ritual, ‘The Power of…’ will immerse visitors in this multi-level experience, transporting them to stand alongside those who engaged in the ritual and share their experience.
When: from April 19 to May 18 2012.
Where: Ayyam Gallery, Beirut.
  • ‘At a Fork in the Road’ at Aaran Gallery

What: Photography exhibition by Ebrahim Khadem Bayat, a documentary photographer on his way to becoming an artist with a camera. He had turned his lens actively on the landscape of his shattered society. He offers and answers but puts the viewers at a turning point on the road.

When: April 6
Where: Aaran Gallery, Tehran.
  • A Girl and Her Room at Galerie Janine Rubeiz


What: Galerie Janine Rubeiz is proud to present the award-winning photography series A Girl and Her Room by lebanese photographer Rania Matar, opening reception and Book Signing. This series features intimate photographic portraits of teenage girls in their most personal space, their bedroom.

When: from 11 to 28 April 2012.

Where: Galerie JANINE RUBEIZ, Raouche, Beirut.

  • FA Gallery

What: Istanbul group art show is Back at FA Gallery! Featuring distengushed artists of the region: Sina Ata, Amira Behbehani, Karem al Qurity, Mohammad Al Shemmary, Ginane Makki Bacho, Abed Al Kadiri, Hamad AlSaab & Ali Sultan, Katayoun Karami, Igor Tishin & Shurooq Amin.

When: April 10

Where: FA Gallery, Kuwait

What: Spanish haute couture designer Augustin Torralbo will showcase his latest collection “Matador” for the first time in Kuwait!

When: April 29, 2012

Where: FA Gallery, Kuwait


  • The Ara Gallery

1. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

What: Love the beauty of fine Arabic calligraphy and would like to work on the skills to create it yourself? Join 10-session workshop lead by Saleh Al Shukairi.

When: From April 5 – June 7, 2012

Where: Pavillion Downtown Dubai.

For more information & registration: The Ara Gallery

2. The Ara Gallery 1st Year Anniversary

What: The Ara Gallery celebrate their 1-year anniversary with Noor Dubai Foundation to host the “Art4Sight” exhibition and charity art auction. Linking art and aid, ART4Sight gives us the thrilling opportunity to host an art event that will help restore vision through the generous donation of artworks sold in a fundraising auction lead by Christie’s auction house. Featuring 25-30 lots, the funds raised in the auction will support Noor Dubai programs globally and directly help those who are unable to access the medical attention they require.

When: The Exhibition from 22 – 23 April. Charity Auction: 23 April at 7:30 PM

Where: The Ara Gallery, Dubai

‘Alia’ by Khawla AlMarri

3. Khawla Al Marri Solo Exhibition

What: Emirati pop artist, Khawla Al Marri presents her next solo exhibition, “Fighters”, portraying women as warriors in the Arab world. An exhibition inspired by the artist’s friend – a positive and strong individual, a person who adds color to life even when it may seems grey and dire like a war zone. This new series of over-sized artworks that mirrors that larger-than-life strong personalities of the subjects is based on Arab female warriors who battled bravely in war zones in Arabia. Al Marri has taken these stories of female warriors and turned them into the strong ‘fighters’ we see around us in our modern life.

When: April 25 – June 2, 2012

Where: The Ara Gallery, Dubai.


What: Christie’s annual action MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARAB,IRANIAN AND TURKISH ART returns for the 6th year following massive success recorded from 2006. Since then, Christie’s has gone on to sell over US$200 million worth of art in Dubai and firmly established itself as the leading auction house in the region. This year’s auctions will feature well established artists on the region such as Paul Guiragossian, Louay Kayali, Hossien Zenderoudi, Safwan Dahoul, Shurooq Amin, Ferhad Moushiri, Shirin Neshat, Laila Essyadi, Afsoon, Kezban Arca Batibeki, Youssef Nabil and many others!



Where: Chritie’s, DIFC, Dubai

Stay tuned as we will update the list through April.


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