School of … Life!


Kuwaiti graphic designer, Mohammad Sharaf revealed today his latest artwork ‘National Assembly Elementary School – Boys’ laughing bitterly about the political situation in Kuwait.

Parliements memebers in Kuwait I suppose they urgently need a rehabilitation, restablishment, reschool, reducate and re-every thing so participate in developing this country – as we hope. But the truth is, each MP is busy running around his own benefits and personal conflicts!

The word “Banin” which means “boys” was the most interesting element in the artwork. All MPs are above 33 years old, some have PHD and hold high social position apart from being an MP, yet for the past 6 years and specifically 2011/2012 few members acted in a way that is appropriate at least to their age of not post. We all know elementary school is for kids between 6 – 9 years old, thanks to our “respectful” MPs they turned one of the “supposed to be” powerful and mirror to people well and inspirations venue into an “elementary school of boys” not nation leaders.

Is there any hope?! Well, let the days reveal that & future shows what our present will be described!


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