Charity, Fashion, Fun, Culture & More at Pretty Little Things!

Pretty Little Things II brought more pleasures & delights, once again created a great atmosphere for both visitors & vendors!


More than one reason made second edition of Pretty Little Things at Bait Sadu; 1st the spacious location, which means more brands & choices satisfying all different tastes. Which brings me to 2nd reason for PLT success, you don’t feel cluttered, jammed or over whelmed for brands variety! Everything was well organized, displayed & carefully selected. For example you won’t see the same jewelry designs at Mai or Thihaba.

Organizers of Pretty Little Things made a smart choice in exhibiting in Bait Sadu, originally an old Kuwaiti house that’s been turned into a cultural center for traditional textile art. Why? Because people and young generation got the chance to see & know activities of this cultural hub, instead of hosting the event in a fancy hotel ballroom or contemporary houses. I truly salute PLT for this step as some people don’t know Kuwait has Bait Sadu or where it is! Thank you.


I believe second edition of PLT gave a great opportunity for new vendors to showcase their products. If you are a fan of journals & diaries; you definitely heard of Paper Design, they were there. Foyunka, a hip brand from city of Jeddah that took over the region, was also exhibiting in PLT. Muneera Hamed Al Sharhan designs are the talk of the town! Pieces by Farah, a Kuwaiti graphic designer, brings smart functional home accessories with an artistic beautiful touch!

Paper Design







Muneera Hamed Al Sharhan








Pieces by Farah











The most important reason for this huge success is the initiative PLT is taking part of! As mentioned before, PLT with Abyat help will be part of renovation efforts of local orphanage by the non-profit organization Khair Al-Kuwait Charity Foundation. There was an art installation of tree where people tie colored ribbons they bought on it, each ribbon you buy they write your name & contact info to call you later on & tell you what was achieved! Moreover, event-goers will be able to pledge items from a wish list donated by Abyat. Taking part of this good-cause initiative you definitely put a smile on a child 🙂




If you still didn’t go to Pretty Little Things at Bait Sadu, you still have tomorrow May 1st from 3pm to 10:30pm it’s the last day & believe since day 1 things were selling fast! Once again & in less than 6 months, Pretty Little Things does it again not only as a successful shopping & socializing venue in Kuwait, but also as an eye-opener for people to share their happiness with the most needed children in society.

Pretty Little Things vendors are:
Paper Designs, Pieces by Farah, Mai Jewelry, Press Design, Baby Bee, Thihaba, The Yard, The Threads by Razan AlAzzouni, Anna Katrina Eco Gioelle, Camellia Oriental Perfumes, Lina Jewelry, Foyunka, Muneera Hamed Al Sharhan and So Lulu Jewelry.

Enjoy some of Pretty Little Things Scenes…


Press Design
Press Design

The Yard
The Yard
Details from "Eshq" Collection at Ana Katrina Eco Gioielle
Ana Katrina Eco Gioelle
The Thread by Razzan Al Azzouni
Camilia Oriental Perfumes
Baby Bee
Lina Jewelry
Lina Jewelry
Luban Al Nakib Jewelry
Lubna Al Nakib Jewelry

Oh! By the way, if you missed the opening night of Pretty Little Things, you can’t imagine how much fun you missed with FishFayce, check out our madness here


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