Abdullah Al Awadi’s ‘Anmat’ .. An Iconic Optical Illusion

What makes an icon? What gives its significance?! Is is size, color, meaning, myth or purely personal association?!

These were the questions Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al Awadi raised in his latest solo exhibition at Dar AlFunoon. “Anmat” , which means in English Patterns, Al Awadi takes the viewer into an optical illusion of icons that touched his life and I am sure, the selected icons touched so many others too. The icons were a mix of international and arabs, from Madelyn Monroe , Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor to Soaad Hussny, Torob, Najah Salam and Mohammad Abdl Wahab.

Al Awadi latest artworks have strong colors, calligraphy, geomatics, and images of the icon and influences. Using digital art on print producing an artwork that will fascinate you as whole and mesmerize you with its captivating details, the artworks overall felt like it is influenced by contemporary Iranian art. Here are some Abduallah Al Awadi “Anmat”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exhibition is ongoing until June 21 in Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait.


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