How Did City’s Beauty Fade Away?!

Louma Rabbah ‘Beauty of City Hidden by Gun’ Meduim: Acrylic, Black Paint and Collage on Canvas, 70x90cm. 2012

There is always something beautiful behind fire ashes and clashes. The beauty of cities and everyday-life is taken away during fights and wars, even when the damage is done, people still forget how beautiful these cities where before the war.

Louma Rabah, Lebanese artist, presented her latest artwork “Beauty of City Hidden by Guns” after the striking events last May in different parts of Lebanon, where she smartly cascades the beautiness of a city with its colorful buildings yet sadly behind a black gun that represents ugliness of clashes between people living in that city; with guns and materials or hate & negative discrimination. Choosing the contrast between colors, the black symbolising the damage and the multi-colors symbolising beauty and perhaps hope. Maybe Rabah wants to remind everyone with how beautiful the city was before any disturbing events?! Or she wants to shock us with the disturbing unfitting black spot?! Make you feel sorry for a wasted beauty.

Another strong element in this artwork is it can implemented in any city that was damaged with wars or clashes or disturbing political issues. It doesn’t limit to a country or region, it can mean a dream of a peaceful world but striked with ugly reality! Or a lost city between the ashes.


Details from ‘Beauty of City Hidden by Gun’


Louma Rabah lives in Beirut, Lebanon, studied Fine Art & Graphic Designs in Lebanese American University. Her Art is about personal exploration of the subject and materials used to create an artwork. She is affected by the feeling or mood of the subject, Rabah’s paintings evolves organically from life’s everyday glances.


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  1. paulramnora says:

    As always I find your art to be very deeply moving. Well done! 😉

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