Call for Graffiti in PinkMoon!

PinkMoon, first online luxury boutique in Kuwait, came with something very inspiring to support & promote creative graffiti artists in kuwait.

If you go to the store located across Seif Palace, you will find a graffiti on the wall. AlMahha asked PinkMoon and they said:

“It’s a call for all creative graffiti artists who want to express their art & talent to contact us!”

So this is a call of fun street art and graffiti! If you have the talent and creativity bring it out on a spacious wall next to PinkMoon store!


P.S. PinkMoon is not responsible of the wall. If the government decided to re-paint it they can’t stop them.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. moushie says:

      it is amazing when you see it in real!

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