Ramadan Kareem

May this month of spirituality be blissful for you & your family, peaceful for the ones in need and upon all. Ramadan Karem to all AlMahha readers.

During Ramadan, Al Mahha will post artworks for different artists reflecting their view of this holy month. And it is an open call for everyone -even not artists- to share their creativity! Just drop me an email of artwork image, title, medium and a short biography about yourself. Think out of the box 😉

Ramadan Kareem from Fredrick Wilcott


Born in 1969 Fredrick Wilcott is an American artist who lived and taught in Kuwait before moving back to the States. Wilcott Artworks & paintings reflects the influence of Middle East & Gulf, symbolism abstract or still life with bright strong colors.

Wilcott greets Al Mahha readers with two paintings; first titled ‘Ramadan’ using watercolors, and second is ‘Hanging Moon’ mix media on paper, 2012.

For more information on Fredrick Wilcott click here



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